\"Sorry\" A Theater Monologue

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It's A Sample For What My Voice Is Like, I Got This Monologue From Internet

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sorry. Really? That's all you have to say? Just lost thousands of dollars. And you're sorry? No, don't get to be sorry. You don't care. Not enough to be sorry. You did this competition for fun. And the prize money was just, er Shari in talk for you. I put my life on the line for this. You go home to a big house with working lights in food Bank a table. I am going to go home to a two bedroom house and pray to God we have enough to pay for the elected. The bill that I was supposed to pay for with the money that I was supposed to win from this competition. And you wanna know why we lost track? Got off you, you and Liza going on each other's next the whole time. You couldn't set job pride aside for two hours. Ask for the greater good of abdominals. But no, that didn't work for you. Direct headed ab berating everything in my power to win this all my efforts were basted. You're not sorry not from losing this. Okay? You lost nothing. You just feel bad because some of us really cared. And that's not. Sorry. That's pretty. And I don't need that from you. So don't tell me you're sorry, because I'm not buying that.