English, some Spanish, 14 years of Acting Experience, Prof. Trained

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This is my current Demo Reel, it will be updated soon to fully showcase the accents I can do, and acting chops I’ve learned.

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This looks like a map. I'll follow the trail to the castle. I bet that's where bobo is. I'm gonna need some supplies first. There must be other clues in this forest. Let's go find them. Hello criminals. What's about to happen? Should be relatively painless. If you just do what I say or else what? Gonna blast me to bits, nah, you're too nice for that. Fly away. Uh, You know, you can't do that either because then you'll be leaving behind your precious palace. Hman. You don't tend to think things through, do you? Human. If this is punishment for failing my last mission, I swear I can do better. We, I have a lot in common blight. We're both trying to show what we can bring to the table and we can't fail because there's nothing worse than disappointing someone who thinks you're special. You were right before. I'm a powerless witch. A lot of my ancestors were. I never thought I'd have a future in a world like this, but then pillows found me and gave me a staff with artificial magic. He said the titan had big plans for me