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Sample of \"Relentless\" for the Atlanta Braves

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this team, this journey, it's been rewarding. We're not finished. We were the defending East champs, but they didn't care. I got the Phillies in the East. Nets, Phillies and Nationals are going to be crazy. Aggress. They were in awe of what everyone else was doing. 330 mil over 13 years. The massive reliever. That what? They didn't know what it seems that made a lot of moves. The Braves have been quietly building a force to be reckoned with their basement. Josh Donaldson, for the best offseason signings, were going to say, Really excited to have Brian McCann back with the Braves. We were working too hard to hear them have a season. It only took three games to say. I told you, Please have swept the Braves. They are sending a message to everybody, but we made them quickly. The Braves have swept the Cubs 94 is your final straight. You were tested in the summer, which I believe. Yeah, Iwas got him in a bad spot. But our strength Randy, you see way don't stop down four Bottom eight coming up. Three. Make it blink and we've scored four more bases loaded nobody out. You can try to run. You won't escape us. You don't. It's our only option. Our fight. And it's just beginning. We warned you.