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For my History class we had to voice over someone's presentation in our class. The presentation I got was talking about War not being worth the risks.

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This is my individual response. I believe war is not worth it. Some of the reasons behind why believe war is not worth it include mental health damage to the environment in the number of casualties. Many soldiers returned home with mental health issues such as PTSD, which could result in stress and the possibility of a better and taking their own life. The damage to the environment could be seen if we look back at the Vietnam War. Looking back, you can see that before the war, the herbicides were spread all over the forest in animals were born and they lived normally. After the war, it was seen that the herbicides something to the soil and see, and some animals were born with deformities. My last reasoning is the number of casualties that war can create. The estimated number of fatalities ranges from 150 million toe one billion as a result of war. Around 12,116 military men and women have been killed in war or war like crisis is from 2000 and 6 to 2018. The other side, though some families are reunited after a war has ended or they have come back from deployment there. There could be many spouses, parents and Children who don't get to see their family members have been before this project. I already had an opinion on war. I didn't think it was worth it. But this project just push me more to that opinion. I need that. Soldiers came back with mental health problems and there were many casualties and such. I learned that people aren't the only ones affected. Animals and the environment are affected greatly. Thank you.