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I utilized the sample voice over scripts that were available on the Voices.com website for this sample. I also managed to record these clear and crisp voice overs utilizing the built in recording app on my cell phone. The samples were very fun to record and I am looking forward to doing even more.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes) US African American


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my 88 a half year old grandma jo claims she used to walk miles every day just to get to school. So I'm putting her to the test. We'll see if she can get me to new york in time to meet our favorite movie star. Can your granny do that? Or this 88 a half miles coming soon from the guys who brought you the Geneva flame and the beauty and all of us comes a love story about a dude and a beautiful, intelligent woman who just might be his long lost cousin. Wait what? Meet Mackenzie Woodcock, a 30 year old skinny ponytail wearing campsite, cleaning shy guy who's forgotten about how to interact with the outside world and even how to comb his own hair. But max life changes when the girl of his dreams, Selena falls for him and when max dad says that they could be related. Well that's when things get real dicey parked is coming to theaters this july and eat. This pitch in baseball is a very low speed junk pitch. The delivery from the picture has a slow velocity and usually catches the hitter off guard. The is one of the rarest pitches thrown. It's like the 95 year old Kakapo that you see once in your life on a trip to New Zealand, I've sold everything. I have bought up a busted up hippie van and a used frying pan. I'm leaving pro baseball at the height of my career because I know there's more out there for me. I need to slow things down. You know, just breathe cruise journal rest. Everyone is moving so fast these days, wanting me to pitch as fast as possible. I want to change things up and catch everyone off guard. I think I've known this for a little while now, but now it's crystal clear to me, I'm the first pitch.