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this season at Madison Square Garden is the season not to be missed this spring. Be sure to get your tickets to see superstars like maroon five billy Joel closure and Alabama shakes hurry fast before tickets sell out the modern world. A clash of endless noise and racing thoughts. You deserve peace of mind wherever you are. That's why we created the Namaste app for your phone with over 60 guided meditations. You can control and enjoy your shift in mental perceptions at the source of life Is one thing alone. Water from the dawn of time. Without it, nothing would exist. Welcome to Norway home of the midnight sun. It's hard to stay focused. I start to crash dad. Holy guacamole. Not again. Amy's playing with your car keys again. I'm on my way pal. So what do I do? I reach for some five hour energy and everything feels manageable at the Keller science Museum. Kids can dream up and create almost anything they want. Uncover fossils from beneath the dirt. Make some ooey gooey mud that slips through your fingers or use super strong magnifying lenses to see everyday objects in a whole new way. I can't believe I'm doing it. Yeah, nothing like the feeling of skydiving. Right? No, I'm switching to Geico. I just found out I could save hundreds. It was fast, easy. It's simple. What you're so brave. How'd you do it? I just gave them basic information about my car and then wow, this is Albert Pirro. Thanks for listening