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it was rare for an elf to leave Haven. Everything they ever needed could be found within the enchanted woodlands they inhabited, but with each step his horse took liam, watched his forestry home shrink into the wide surroundings of the plains. Back in Haven he could only smell moist soil and aged bark, but out here the air was clear. His eyes shifted back to Arianna. She stared straight ahead, refusing to look back at their home. I can't believe we're actually leaving liam stated without taking a glance back at his home either. Ariana swung her gaze to liam, her golden eyes shimmering in the radiating sunlight. Liam was used to havens trees blocking most of the sun. But as its rays shone down on Ariana's dark umber skin, she glowed. It's almost inconceivable. I mean who knows how long until we'll see our parents again and Jessica and Cody's, it's hard to imagine what they're doing in Haven, now that we're gone. She looked away, chewing on her inner cheek, A sign of guilt. She didn't have to come, but she chose to. How were your goodbyes? She asked suddenly, liam took a deep breath, conflicted. He wasn't sure what to tell her saying goodbye to his friends wasn't hard, Jessica and Cody's had been anticipating it. They helped train him prepare him for what his journey might throw at him. Leaving. His father wasn't particularly hard either. The two of them had a very understanding relationship. It was his mother that was the hardest liam, reached into his scarf and pulled out a silver and cerulean crystal holding it between his fingers. Arianna smiled at the sight of the necklace. Well, that's new. Why haven't I seen it before? That's because it belonged to my birth mother. I only got this last night. Ariana frowned. Liam ignored the pity in her eyes, saying goodbye to my mother was hard and the necklace, it's a nice gift. Liam shook his head and tucked it back beneath his scarf, showing the necklace to Ariana was a mistake. It was too soon. He urged sorry forward, quickening the pace and hoped Ariana got the hint. Hey, you can't do that. You said it's from your birth mother. Don't act like it's nothing. He kept shaking his head. He knew she wasn't going to let it go. She pushed her horse strider to catch up with him, forcing them to be in pace together. She leaned over and nudge liam's shoulders lightly. Where did it come from? Tell me about it, he urged. Sorry to move slightly ahead. Is there something you're not telling me? Ariana's gaze dug into the back of his head. Now isn't the time? Haryana chuckled. What do you mean now? Isn't the time? She turned and opened her arms widely. Look at all this space! She shouted, Do you see anything nearby because I don't we have plenty of time to kill liam remained quiet if you don't want to talk about it. You're going to need a better excuse. I'm surprised you even have more secrets to keep As much as he didn't want to admit it. Ariana was right, but he still didn't want to talk about last night. What happened was draining. He was still trying to understand it. Just thinking about it gave him goose bumps. Talking to Arianna may bring some clarity, but right now he wanted to keep those thoughts to himself. I said not right now. All right, Liam snapped back with a tinge of frustration in his words. That was a mistake as well. He had only drawn more attention to the story, he urged to move faster, casting Ariana out of you until nothing but the planes were in sight. It was a large gaping land covered mostly in greens, with some dips in the valleys with long tipped beige grass. Arianna was right. They were surrounded by space and nothing more. If liam didn't talk about something else, it was going to be a long, quiet trip.