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James Ready Award Video

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How do you launch a new can design in a time when no one is having a good time. When a global pandemic closed bars, patios, restaurants, bowling alleys, backyards, rinks, links neighborhood lead drinks, curling clubs and pubs. James Reddy needed to captivate an audience that was being held captive. Hot on the heels of Reddit and Wall Street bets, we turned James Reddy, the beer known for saving people money into the beer that was going to make people money. Introducing the James Reddy Mutual Fund where we took $20,000 and invested it into the stock market and let our beer drinkers pick the stocks to invest in and keep all the spoils or as we like to say, invest nothing, sell high to do so. We created a fully integrated campaign that drove J R drinkers to our website to vote on what stocks we should invest in. Complete with a new website built with the live stock market api integration that served up to the minute stock information and analysis. We even asked them to submit their own hot stock market tips to help share the investment wealth ads posted on Reddit, Twitter and Instagram sent potential shareholders to our micro site to vote. Online videos, promoted our openness while poking fun at the current investing community and the cliched investment language of the day, we even rented a plane to let everyone know the sky was the limit. After voters picks were in. We went all in weekly investor updates kept everyone engaged. Monthly meetings were held to determine whether we should sell the fund or hold strong. Creating a dialogue that went way beyond our beer drinkers. We even had to chirp back at the doubters who thought this was a Ponzi scheme but quickly found out we weren't messing around after three months in market and a roller coaster of ups and downs the James Reddy Mutual Fund didn't just make everyone money. It outperformed the S and P 500 the Dow Jones and the T X X Com composite index. During the same time period, the fund generated 7.2 million impressions across Twitter reddit and Instagram spiking our engagement rate to 11.2% or 933% higher than the alcohol industry benchmark of 1.2% long stock market. Story short, we took all the risk. J R drinkers took all the reward.