Rust-Oleum VO for Informational DIY

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Rust-Oleum VO for Informational DIY

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how to check for previous coding. Before you start your garage project, you'll want to see if there is a previous coating on the floor. If it's not obvious that you have a previously coated surface, you can splash water on the concrete if the water beads your floor has a coating. If a coding is present, you can grind the surface to remove the coating or use rustoleum is rico primer for an easy solution allowing you to prime right over the previous coding had a test for moisture before you begin your garage project, you'll need to check for any moisture issues with your bare concrete as this can affect the effectiveness and success of the coding. To do this securely tape of vapor barrier Plastic sheeting securely to the floor and leave it for 24 hours If there is any moisture like condensation seen underneath the barrier. After the wait time I use rustoleum moisture stop before coating your garage floor.