Stuffing a Turkey - Take 1 YADLT

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Stuffing a Turkey - Take 1 YADLT

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****. It's cold as **** out. I exclaimed, Jim grabbed his gun out of the back of the truck and said nothing. As I slung my peanut shells out on the ground and pulled my gun out of the back. I peered through the cab at Jim. He slammed the driver's door shut. I grabbed a thermos of coffee and gathered up my things. By the time I got around to Jim's side, he was already a good clip out into the field. Hey, are you going to sprint to the woods? Jim looked back over his shoulder in my direction but never offered to slow up you? Ok, buddy. I asked, yeah, he mumbled back. I didn't push the conversation. I just tried to keep up with his long wide strides. We made our way into the area of the woods where the farmer always allowed us to hunt. We picked a large black oak tree that was freaking huge. It had to be over 100 years old. We sat there with our backs up against the tree, Jim on one side and me on the other. It was pretty quiet as the sun began to peer over the horizon and light up the area. Hey, Andy. Jim said in a hush voice. Yeah, I replied a couple of seconds passed while I waited on him to say something. How are things with you and Kari? I thought it was an odd conversation to have while in the woods. Ok. I guess just working our ***** off these days to make the house payment. And no, not that Jim said in a scolding tone. I hesitated for a minute and cleared my throat. Ok. My last checkup with the doctor was good. I said with a chuckle. You dumb ****. Jing zinged back. I tossed my shoulders up in the air and figured it was the mood he was in. Things were quiet for a few minutes. I twisted around and looked over my shoulder to see if he was still there. Then Jim spoke up. I mean, how are things in the sack? I sat there for a couple seconds. Rerunning Jim's question around the court. Oh, well, uh, pretty good, I guess. Why? What's up with that? That good, huh? Jim asked. Well, I've never compared my performance with another guy but I guess any time is as good as this. I said with a silent laugh. How often Jim asked? Well, I, uh I wouldn't say I was Johnny lucky or anything but maybe a couple of times a week I heard Jim make a begrudging huff. You ******* little *******, Jim barked