Your Favorite 3rd Grade Teacher

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Your Favorite 3rd Grade Teacher

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families, you are awesome, you stayed committed and worked hard to get to week four and we hope you laughed hard and played hard as a family too. Week four is our final episode exploring the seven habits of highly effective people and families, congratulations one month completed, please remember to email us that we love you at seven seeds pro dot com with fun stories and your family's name and address for a special seed agent delivery in the mail. Also, please feel free to share your photos and stories on social media using the #7 seeds family today, we share habits seven as well as work on plans to put all these amazing habits together to create your own goals and a family mission statement. Wait a minute, sharpen the saw, No worries, we're not talking about real sauce here. What dr Covey meant when he said sharpen the saw was to consistently practice all areas of ourself. These areas include our physical self, our mental self and our social and emotional self. When I saw is sharp, it works better than a dull one. Same with people when we practice these areas of ourselves, we keep getting better and better at them to care for our physical self. We need to take care of our bodies. That means eating the right kinds of food, getting enough rest and moving our body and exercising on a regular basis. Taking care of our mental self means doing these things like taking time to relax, writing down our thoughts in a journal or even practicing mindfulness and meditating. We can also inspire our minds by listening to music or reading great books. It can even mean taking a pause and saying not today or later to really fund things because we just might need a break. Taking care of our social and emotional self refers to how we take care of our relationships with others. We all want to have good relationships with our families, friends and teachers, but it takes practice, let's say you were on the playground for recess and you decided to start a big game of freeze tag. Everyone is excited to join in on the fun, but then you notice a shy boy from your class sitting alone on a bench instead of continuing with the game, you pause and run over to ask if you would like to join you, he is happy that he has been included and you may just have made a new friend. This act of kindness towards others and relationship building is taking care of your social and emotional self and it's also a win win because it turns out he's great at tag