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British English Radio / TV commercial sample

Voice Over • Radio Ad


This commercial demo was directed by an online community and created through online streams to the community. It shows my ability to deliver a selling message in multiple tones and deliveries.

Vocal Characteristics


English (British)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)




Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Alexander Hutson Commercial demo. Maybe the future is full of surprises. May be the future is personalised. Maybe the future starts now. BMW Sheer driving pleasure. We've been asking shoppers what they think they'd pay for this Christmas gift. £5.10 pounds close. Try £1 in Poundland for hundreds of amazing gifts for £1. Get yourself to Poundland. Mm, danger excites me, but I can't fully enjoy it when I smell like fear and body odour. So I prepare myself with the manly scent of old spice dangers there. Because even if something bad does happen to a danger zone, man, he won't smell like something bad happened. And when you smell like Old Spice Danger Zone, trust me, you'll smell like you have nothing to worry about. You smell like you look amazing. I know. Introducing old Spice Danger zone with all day odour protection. Richard did not want to die, but he couldn't stop himself. The collision with the car did not kill him. He wasn't wearing a seat belt. So he continued on his journey when he hit the inside of the car. That did not kill him either. But his internal organs carried on travelling until they hit his rib cage and his lungs were punctured and the main artery of his heart was torn. That is what killed Richard. Think slow down, wear a seatbelt. Mhm every game. One venue. Watch all the Premier League games live at home with BT TV, which includes the now TV Sky Sports Pass, is 25 per month until the season's over. Visit bt dot com today. Mhm. John suffers from heartburn. His wife, Jane, suffers from feeling bloated. Their son suffers from acid reflux. Sometimes it's the other way around or mixed. That's why they use Gascon triple action. It soothes in three minutes and lasts for up to 24 hours for triple relief. Use Gascon Triple action. Mm.