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Dark Coven: The Wolfborne Saga Book 3

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A dark magic coven threatens the safety of Brickwell’s citizens and Zev is asked to intervene, but his wolf instincts warn that there is more to the threat than he can see. When a girl Zev saved is drawn into the mix, and his own ability to become a wolf is jeopardized, he is forced to reconsider.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US West Coast (California, Portland)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
warmth failed me when the light fell across my poem, closed my eyes again and concentrated on the feeling the wolf would come. It needed to was in danger, and that was how I knew best to fight. Bring on the wolf pain so searing and sharp I could barely breathe, jolted through my chest, doubled over at the feeling of my ribs shifting, Battling pinpoints of dagger like fire that spread through my bones and into my arms and legs. I pulled my hand away from the moonlight and collapsed on my side in a pathetic fetal position. It took a few minutes before my breathing returned to normal. In that time, the metallic tang of a silver touched my nose. Images of the day's events flooded into my mind. I had been shot. The silver drink the witches gave me had nearly killed me, had taken away my ability to phase panic at the thought of not being able to return toe wolf form surged through my limbs and the pain returned. I sucked in a shaky breath and tried to will my body to relax. We're losing her. Hold her down! I pushed up to my hands and knees. For a moment, I couldn't remember who they were talking about. Then it struck me with the force of a charging bear. Asleep, I pulled up to my feet using the end table. The bedazzled school appeared to laugh at my weakness. I snarled at it and felt just a little better about my wolf side. Hurry, Virgo cast a binding spell. All thoughts of my own problems fled at the panic that filled the voices. In the next room, I stumbled to the doorway and leaned against the frame. The site in front of me stole the breath I had just found.