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Sira & Solace

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Narrated and Produced this audiobook for award-winning author Cheree Alsop.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta), US South West (Texas)


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I was looking for water to help break your brother's fever. She shot back. Where were you? Hearts mouth fell open as if he didn't expect her to fire Back glared at her. We thought you ran. She scarfed where she lowered her knees and set the puck intending the rest of the precious water onto the flames. She didn't look at him when she said, you really think I would leave your brother, did I? It took a moment for her to realize that Heart didn't reply. She glanced up and saw disbelief on his face as he looked at his brother's still form on the palate. You really could die. The realization in his tone softened cyrus anger at his reaction. She gestured to the pot. I needed water to make a salve in more fever tea. His leg needs to be redressed in clean bandages. Do you have more? I can wash these so they will be of use for the next time. Heart studied her a moment before he nodded. Induct back out of the flap. She didn't run. She heard I ever questioning him in for alien. She went for water water by yourself. The woman fay said I told you that you were wrong about her. She should have run. It was the best chance she had to survive this. Hart said stubbornly, running where she's a human in the middle of Domus. A territory. If she's smart. She knows her odds are better with us. Hearts reply wasn't reassuring when he said, I don't know about that sarah noticed that someone had placed a pile of palmas leaves next to the fire. They were fresh and would need to dry out before. They would be the most effective. She spread them out along the rocks the brothers had placed around the fire to keep it from spreading beyond the small fire pit. She added more fuel to the fire as much for warmth, discomfort. The new branches crackled merrily. Saira closed her eyes and imagine for just a moment that she was home. She sat in her favorite, overstuffed chair by the fire. There were several libraries in the palace, but this smaller one had always been her favorite because she could still remember her mother sitting in the same chair reading a novel with her feet curled beneath her. When her mother passed, Saira had claimed the spot as her own. The cadence of her father's voice as he read aloud from one of his many tomes. Older as it always did. His old bear hound mortimer rested in front of the rolling flames. The firelight played off the dog's grave, for dancing along the tips as if putting on a show just for her. She loved the shadows and colors thrown by the sunset flames. She imagined getting lost in mortimer's for as if it was the forest forests were meant to be lost in, weren't they log popped and brought Siro back to the present. If only she hadn't left. Surely her father was terrified for her. She shouldn't have acted so irrationally, but she'd had no idea how rough the world was beyond zoos walls.