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Selected commercial audio spots featuring a range of products from coffee to insurance, cleaning detergents to tourism

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Hi, My name is Alan Morrison. These are Ava's shoulders. They square off, hold firm, bare it all. This is what Medicare from Blue Cross Blue Shield does for Eva and with plans that fit every budget. Imagine what we can do for you. It's really simple. People count on you and you count on your truck. So we built you the most capable line of RAM heavy duty trucks, yet Ram built to serve, Say hello to the Tyson meal kit. Simple, honest ingredients, pre chopped and pre season. It's just the right amount of help to make a family meal. Delicious. That's all it is. Remember when you said you'd rather go through puberty again than clean the toilet? Why, with new scrubbing bubbles, Fresh action cleaning doesn't have to stink. It smells amazing, and it leaves behind a powerful clean. It's cleaning. Reinvented. For over four generations, the Lavazza family has perfected the art of blending coffee for a smooth and balanced taste of Italy. Lavazza. It's how you say coffee in Italian on Canada's west coast, a spectacular island Gulf experience awaits where the wildlife and outdoor experiences are unmatched anywhere in the world. Play on our time at the Vancouver Island Golf Trail. Yeah,