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Various animation/character samples.

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Teen (13-17)


British (General) North American (General)


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you might try then, as I did to find a sky so full of stars it will blind you again. Only know Sky can blind you now. But I thought we were going to the beach today. For the last time I'm trying to study. Some people may say that we're mad. Don't play with your food. Your disgusting. I like the name Riel. I think you should keep it. I will never let go of my hatred. What are you doing? No, seriously, What are you doing? You're gonna get yourself killed if you don't come down now. Uh, right now, Right now. I just came through the door, didn't you? This creature is irritating. Shall I kill it? Stand back. Very well. Well, we are, aren't we? It makes us into heroes or fools. Uh, look, I don't love you. I'm in love with someone else, so I can't. Oh, well, this should be fun.