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Claire McCaskill is a champion of Missouri values. She has fought for civil rights champion Justice and voted to hold the president accountable for his misguided policies. The future of Missouri is bright. The future of Missouri is safe with Senator Claire McCaskill. He's a racist, a demagogue, And he does whatever Donald Trump tells him. Teoh. Florida doesn't need another governor who will divide us, and we don't need Rhonda Santa's. Our time is now. That's why I'm a candidate to be photos next governor paid for By Andrew Gillum For Governor Democrats, they think raising taxes is the answer to everything. Got a hangnail, raise taxes, not enough foam on your mocha latte. Time to raise taxes. Need a new pair of shoes. Oh, yeah, raise those taxes. We're smarter than that, right? Florida vote Republican this fall until the Democrats to keep their hands off your money. When my migraines became more than I could bear, my doctor prescribed opioids. They made me sick and sleepy, and I was afraid of getting addicted. He resisted at first, but he finally agreed to let me try medical marijuana, and I feel like myself again. Happy, healthy and no sight of X. Well, I do eat more brownies now. I guess I support the medical marijuana bill, won't you?