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Amy Weiss. Hey, Pandora listener. The Tampa Bay region isn't it's dry season, and there are things you can do to be water smarter. No, you're watering day. It's only once per week. Fix broken sprinkler heads and make sure they're not watering the sidewalk. If it's raining, turn off your sprinkler system. Do your part. B Water Smart. What's so special about that new car smell? Because my first car smelled like my older brothers. Henna tooty, fruity air freshener. My second car smelled like cherry blossom body spray and a Penick. A lot of air freshener. The third car smelled like my marathon shoes and white chocolate mochas. The next car was a blend of wet dog cold French fries, sour milk group here and sometimes thank goodness fresh cinnamon rolls at Sico Memorial Hospital and are best when it matters most. And when does your health care Not matter most for the early morning fevers and the Saturday ankle sprains for the lunchtime coughs and the dinner time we's is because your healthcare shouldn't wait. AQSIQ A memorial hospital, Boyne Valley has you covered? Life's a curious thing. I mean, just when things seem under control, Wham! it was something new, your mayor just good. Suddenly it's on the brink of divorce jobs. Great. And then it's gone, and so is your life savings. You feel healthy, then your doctor gives the bad news. What's coming next? You could look to the stars, but they don't have the answers. But this does. A prophecy study Bible by amazing fax.