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    Cheerleader Voices

    The cheerleader is a character who chants with other cheerleaders to create excitement and boost morale. The cheerleader usually chants in a rhythmic pattern, breaking words into syllables or into letters, and placing emphasis on certain words or sounds. Cheerleaders work with each other to raise excitement in the crowd and boost the morale of players. Cheerleaders may also use their voices with increases in speed or volume to build excitement, and may stomp or clap to strengthen their chants.

    Cheerleaders are usually female in most settings, though at the collegiate level the demographic is roughly half male and half female, and historically, cheerleading was male dominated. Cheerleaders can be seen from middle school settings to professional sports matches, such as in football. Female cheerleaders tend to fill out the higher pitches of cheers in an almost singing manner, while male cheerleaders may bring the deeper shouts or chants to the cheer.

    Cheerleaders serve to entertain and inspire both the players and observers of the game being played, and use many different tactics to perform their cheers. Cheerleaders can be seen most often at sporting events, especially at the college level, in the United States of America. There are also cheerleading competitions, with ESPN airing them annually. Watching these examples of professional cheerleading displayed by real cheerleaders can help you voice a better cheerleader and capture the excitement of sports.