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smiling, Ravis began tearing into the nearest creature with a sword. You did a good job, president, these devils back, he said to Cameron. Between ragged breaths. Despite everything, camera found himself returning the smile. There was something showing in Travis's face, Ah, kind of mad, reckless joy that was impossible to ignore. The man seemed to relish all the danger of the fight. Working together, they isolated the first of the creatures already wounded many times, the beast was sluggish, dazed from loss of blood. Cornered. It lashed out, ineffectively roaring and spraying saliva, whipping its head from side to side while Ravis watched his back and kept the second, more dangerous creature. Obey camera moved in for the kill. Fear bubbled in his stomach, hot and black like boiling oil. Knowing he was either going to have to take the beast's head off or puncture its heart, Cameron bided his time, fainting and badgering, waiting for the right moment to strike. Then, as if Ravis somehow knew what Cameron needed, he went on a rampage across the hall, smashing on light land turds, splintering wooden chest indoors and sending displays of crossed weaponry crashing to the floor. Cameras creature looked up with the noise with its guard down for half a second, Cameron struck, putting the strength of his entire body behind the blow. He sent his sword slicing downward through shoulder bone, ribs and heart. The creature screamed, chest convulsing. It fought all the way to the floor. Cameron trying to remove his sword. But it was too deeply embedded in bone and wouldn't come out. Unable to bear the sight and smell of the dying beast, he turned away. The second creature came straight at him.