CHARACTER Voice Reel - Andrew J. Beck

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A Voice Reel showcasing various characters and versatility. There are comedic characters and dramatic video game characters.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US Mid-Atlantic) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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in this world, there is real evil in the darkest shadows in the most ordinary places. These are the stories of the innocent and the unimaginable sorrow. Oh, hello. I didn't see you stop in. My name is Leopold Caviar. Make yourself warm by the fire. Prepare a libation. Let's discuss literature, Gentlemen, I give you the axle. It'll look at this magnificent creature. Floral headdress. Regenerative, interesting, unique color patterns. Oh, yeah, They're also critically endangered. So we'll be getting some points with Peter for that. Alert. Alert breach in sectors eight and 12. Alert alert. Lockdown commencing. Mission Control. Do you copy? We're barreling headfirst into an asteroid. Do you copy? I can't believe it. I've doomed them all in this corner, hailing from wherever you want, baby. Bobby, Sparkle. Let me tell you what I'm gonna do to you. You rip rip it, Beefcake. No, nothing. I'm gonna rub you down with my sparkle cream and make your father disappointed of you. When you attacked me after my match, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. You son of a I've been a police officer now for 25 years. The brass keeps saying I could retire this year, but for some reason they keep on losing the paperwork. I guess I'll just right here like a moldy piece of fruit. Come to think of it, I could really go for an apple pie from McDonald's. What about you?