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Airtime Rewards App social media ad.

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Here's how to reduce your mobile bill in five simple steps. Step one, link all of your existing debit and credit cards to your airtime rewards account, the more cards you link, the more you'll learn towards your mobile bill. Step two, discover a huge selection of offers tailored for you at more than 150 fantastic retailers. Step three shop as you normally would either online in store or even through other apps. Normally within five days, we'll track your purchase and automatically reward you with money back. Step four, as soon as you've hit the threshold, you can redeem your balance towards your mobile bill. It's the best bit and we know you'll love it. Step five, your redemption will automatically be taken off your next mobile bill. If you use pay as you go, you'll be sent credit, you can redeem. It's that simple. So that's it. Try it out today and save money effortlessly with airtime rewards.