Fiction Scenario - Video Game

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Fiction Scenario for VideoGame with intentional French Accent.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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an zero. I found a child on the side of the road. He was covered in an immaculate white sheet, the only light in this rocky desert. He wasn't talking. He wasn't crying. He seemed almost dead. But even a few meters from the invent without even having seen his shiny eyes. Yet his big eyes that were so blue, they seemed almost black, a blue, so deep. You wouldn't believe any light could have passed through. I could tell that he was alive. No, that he was going to live. This child was calling me and I couldn't do anything but walk to him. This is not your responsibility. Guess we'll find him. It's really sad. But this kid will die. No one one just shut up. What do we have to feed him anyway? We only have bread and water in fat. Can't live of bread and water. Oh, one of them is coughing. I said them. It's the first time as I was walking with the blue eyed child that they appeared to me. What do you think you are doing? This child will lose his chance if we leave him here? His chance. What chance? Very dead. It's a hard ship. I don't know where this is leading us. Every night is harder than the brave e ist harry her own life. Such shut up! I said in the help back so I could talk to them. I was getting crazy. Whatever good you'll have to kill me if you want to kill this kid. They didn't answer. They didn't want to kill him. They wanted to let him die. This is really different ******* idiots. I thought The ocean, this kid has an abbess in his eyes. No, I have a whole mystery to carry. I have a story to tell.