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Samples from six commercial spots.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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introducing Mcdonald's new crispy chicken sandwich. This isn't just another chicken sandwich, it's the crispy tender, juicy chicken sandwich from the place that offers extra napkins for a reason. The new crispy chicken sandwich from Mcdonald's be many things be hard to label, don't be known for one thing you do be known for everything you do Remy martin. I smoked a lot and quit a lot and smoked a lot again. Every time I tried to quit I ended up nowhere. So now I use the Nicoderm CQ patch. The extended release technology prevents my urge to smoke all day. There's one way you can stay ahead of the game. Stay tapped in with NBA league pass on direct tv the energy, the buckets, your favorite teams no matter where you are watch live on your tv phone or tablet principle as a financial company but think of us as I protect your family as it grows company I put enough away for college company I'll help you ride the market ups and downs company. Think of us as all of these companies and more principal riders. The lone wolves of the great highway. All they need is a bike and a full tank of gas after all the road is their only friend. I have lots of friends. He may think he has friends but he doesn't but I do their riding right next to me. He may not be alone now but with progressive motorcycle insurance he'll never feel alone again. Yes