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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) , British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) , French (General) , North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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Aubrey Parsons audiobook voice riel a yawn emerged from the back of her throat and got stuck. She hitched and snorted until the hot air rerouted itself painfully through a nose. Her lips burnt from stretching her mouth. Refused to take your tipple. Youngest first. Another riddle, said Alfie, flopping against the other side of the bars and moaning, We'll never be any skill games or something. This is boring, man. You're only saying that because you're done, said Monty. Your man didn't think so last night. My mum has a thing for retards. Shut up! Said John, who knows the answer to the riddle anyway. Fell to his knees. Oh my. She loved who? Who could do such a thing? Hello, Joseph. I thought you deserted me. I have some bad news. Your child is dead. Sorry. Does not come close to how I feel. Telling restless wanderer of the night it happened to be trespassing in that neighbourhood. He would have seen Nicolas Tessler inspecting his electrical apparatus in the strange laboratory. Zito closed the switch now but the passer by would have heard no more before. All **** broke loose on the night belched forth flames, sulphur fumes and rods of fire were much more serious. If they were to be believed on DH, they were on the Internet. So 50% of people did. It would be best not to make plans for Christmas. The end of the world was coming. Salesman. Participants overwhelmingly returned answers like greasy, slipped, pushy, sleazy and dishonest. I'm willing to bet you have some of the same visions.