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A case study B2B marketing video I did for Samsung and Jimmy Fallon, discussing the new Galaxy phone.

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Samsung believes in giving creators tools to do what can be done for the launch of the Galaxy s 10 plus. Samsung wanted to showcase the phones Innovative camera to convince people this phone was worth the upgrade. What better way to show off the camera than getting it in the hands of one of the world's best known creators, Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy wanted to film an entire episode of The Tonight Show on a phone production wasn't convinced until we got Samsung's newest phone into their hands. Hey, everyone, welcome to the Tonight Show. I asked NBC we could possibly do a whole show shot on a phone on and they said yes on. Then Samsung heard about our idea and give us a bunch of Galaxy S 10 plus phones to play with. Jimmy took his audience on a night out in New York, showing them places and people near and dear to his heart. Michael Che is here. Ladies and gentlemen, comedy clubs. Do you remember your first time at any comedy club? Hey wanted his fans to see the places that inspire him the same way he'd see them if he filmed them through the eyes. of his Samsung Galaxy s 10 plus, but with incredible quality worthy of broadcast TV way were like kind of blown away, that this was stuff that was coming from a phone. You could really put them anywhere in the scene when we're at Rio's restaurant way had them just mounted up on the shelf. Having done what couldn't be done, orders for Samsung phones took off. The episode topped six million views across platforms. Social Media posts reached over 45 million people, with 92% positive sentiment 13% higher than Samsung's average. And viewers thought the episodes quality was amazingly sharp for smartphone earned PR saw over 300 publishers pick up the story for another 12.5 million impressions. Finally, Samsung dot com saw a 13% increase in Galaxy S 10 phone orders during the episodes broadcast compared week over week. The following days also saw 31% higher order conversions than average. Thank you, Samsung. Thank you, NBC. I love you, New York City. I'll see you guys next week. Bye.