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loud. Hello and Welcome to seven Circles, Nope. Off to a good start already. Hello and welcome to episode 15 of seven circles, I am autumn and this is english dan. Today we have a haunted ghostie story. So the story itself is haunted. Yes. How you'll find out, huh? Okay. Also it's rainy and stormy here. So the dog is not outside, you might hear some barks, bark, bark, bark, bark mark. This one is a history episode. It's a story that spans many centuries, but don't worry, it won't take that long to read. Hopefully we can but hope but hope I hope for. But all the time in between venice and lido lies a small island called Pavilion. To how small is it, Autumn 17 acres. Central Park in New York covers 843 acres. Now that's a big ******* park. But still this island is just a 50th the size of central park. 1/50. If you fly over this island in a helicopter you can see that it's broken up into three different landmasses. The smallest is a man made fort that is octagonal in shape. The middle biggest chunk of land is a natural island full of forest and shrubbery. Yes, rubbery, with a few random structures dotted across it. The third landmass is a sliver of natural island located on the other side of the middle piece. It is also lush and green and from above you can't see any manmade structures on it. So you have the large middle island flanked by the octagon and the sliver. I really love that word, I also liked the movie that came out in the nineties starring that baldwin guy and that one, nope, it wasn't kim Bassinger definitely was kim Bassinger, kim Bassinger was not in sliver, it was, it was sucking. What's her face thingy? Stone, Sharon stone, was it that, no, I'm sure it was kim Basinger, you are incorrect. It was stone giggle break. So as I said, William, baldwin and Sharon stone. So the first mention of the island being populated was sometime around 4 21 A. D. People from nearby lands used Pavilion Island as a refuge from barbarian invasions. Specifically the hunts. Why did you say it like that? And why would people need refuge from the huns? I freaking love. Honey's not those kinds of hunts deer. So the huns were a group of nomads who literally came out of nowhere when they first started to appear, they were in small packs and they never really got together to form one big tribe until a guy named Attila came along and was like served your numbers but actually was really like incursions and numbers. And these guys all got together under Attila's lead and were just attacking everyone. Even the roman empire. The people who escaped the people who escaped to Pavilion to were left undisturbed by the huns because the island was small and easily defendable and the huns main war. The huns. Main form of warcraft was cavalry. They were badass horse masters and would use their horses to just barrel into enemies with brute force kind of like I do in red Dead exact mundo's. So the little island would have been more trouble than what it was worth to them. So the hunts just left them alone. Nice Hund. So in 1348, the island was used to house victims of the bubonic plague. At this time, the plague was killing about one out of every, at this time the plague was killing one out of every three Europeans. So it made sense to have a place to quarantine the sick and try to stop the spread of the disease. This is where the, in fact, this is where the word quarantine came from. The victims of the plague were ordered to stay for 40 days on the island and Quaranta is 40 in italian many Italians met their end on pavilion during the plague. They built a bridge connecting the large island and the sliver island and this is where they burned the bodies. We're talking about tens of thousands of humans. And it's not actually true is it? We're talking about tens of thousands in fact. Well over 100,000 humans burned on pavilion, their ashes scattered into the soil. In 13 79 venice came under attack from the gene Owens. The Republic of Genoa was a medieval maritime republic on the northwestern italian coast. I'm not sure why they attacked vinnie's. I'm not a ******* historian and that's not why we are here. You're so aggressive. Yeah, I don't understand why I'm so aggressive Dan. Maybe I need some mental help therapy or something. We could get you some electroshock therapy. Yeah, that'd be nice. Yeah, maybe a full frontal lobotomy. That'd be good coming soon. Yeah. So at this time the island was evacuated and the people were sent to live somewhere else. The island remained vacant for 200 years. So the plague bearers were just sent back out into the masses or they were sent some other quarantine zone because maybe the genome and were super smart And this was an early form of chemical or germ warfare. No, I think by this point, regular healthy Italians had moved back onto the island. Okay, so at this point in history, the island only consisted of the large middle section and the sliver In 1380 Venetian soldiers built the third edition to pavilion to the octagonal fort. It was made to be used as a defense system against enemy ships and it worked Venetians went on to build five more octagon in different locations. All civilians have been evacuated. All civilians had been evacuated from the island the year before. So Pavilion became a military outpost for a while. In 1776, the island came under the jurisdiction of the public health officials and they started to use it as a checkpoint for all goods and people coming and going to venice by ship In 1793. 2 of the ships brought with them to pavilion the black plague and thusly transformed the island once again into a temporary confinement station for the sick humans. That was creepy dude. The dogs trying to get in here and it sounded like he was straight up. She was, yeah, Okay, Okay. Where am I? The black plague lasted a very long time. The bubonic plague, black plague and black death are all the same disease. It started in 1346. The origin of this plague is unknown, but it was first documented in Crimea. Did I say that right from there. It traveled on the fleas who were chilling on the black rats who lived on these ships And these were, as we said before, a maritime republic. This means that their main source of livelihood was their trade ships. This means that they had a lot of ships with a lot of rats traveling all over the place. In 1805 Napoleon Bonaparte. That's Napoleon, not his more famous brother Joseph declared the island to be the permanent residents of anyone in nearby lands who contracted the plague. If venice locals died in venice itself, their bodies would be taken to pavilion to be disposed if venice locals died in venice itself, their bodies would be taken to Pavilion to be disposed of. If you don't know what the black Death was like. Well, lucky you because today you're going to learn. So the ancient times are pretty filthy. Nobody really understood the importance of hygiene. So ship like the bubonic plague thrived in the downright horrid conditions of a large population. So ship, like the bubonic plague thrived in the downright horrid conditions of large populated cities and towns. A lot of humans walking around back then often had fleas, fleas and any other blood sucking insect with the main source of transmission of this plague warning. No eating during this part of the podcast. Automata salad while riding this part. But she's a sick little puppy. So she was fine. I'm fine if you contracted the black plague. These were the symptoms that you would most likely experience high fever and chills, pains in your tummy, whammy arms and legs, severe headaches, large swollen lumps in the lymph nodes called BUE bows. I was going to say nothing to add to that thing. Typically in the groin that will fill with parson leak Nothing. No one, I mean, who doesn't want puss filled lumps leaking from the groin. Um, well, you know, it's, your skin might become gangrenous and your skin might become gangrenous and turn black. You might lose a finger or a foot. I don't know why. It's just those extremities specifically. I mean, you could lose anything right? Those might fall off your **** might fall off. I don't know you think anyone's ever lost their **** to the plague. Harsh swollen tongue compulsive vomiting, which can only be more fun due to the swollen tongue. You begin to cough up blood and this is when you know that you will not be leaving the island of Pavilion. Although of course the play goes on to this day. So I guess you might be anywhere when you discover that your ****'s gonna fall off and you're about to die. So from 1793 until 1814, the island was used as a quarantine station. People that came to the island with the plague usually never left. In 1814 the plague began to taper off, but in the end the black plague ended up killing 25 million people globally. And an estimated 160,000 of them died and or were burnt on the tiny island of pavilion 160,000 on a 17 acre plot of land. Yes. I was going to make a joke about other things tapering off like your gangrenous *****, but I didn't Thank you from 1814 until 1922, the island was vacant yet again. Nobody wanted to use it for anything because of its history, locals refused to use it for agriculture since the ground was half soil, half ash of the dead. Diseased. The duck is wrong with your body man. Yeah. Oh, I need one. Mhm. Alright, spit it out. The island was also said to be haunted by all of the souls who died there. That's a lot of souls in a really small area. The island was often the island was even offered to some monks but they were like, nah, we good. Their God wouldn't protect them. Huh? I guess. Well, I guess he also unleashed the plague in the first place. So I see their point. So in 1922 they converted all of the structures on the island into a mental institution. No sane person wanted to live there. So the Venetians were like, I know, let's put the crazy people there. So you're mentally ill, right? I don't think I want to talk about that in such a public forum, Artem, This isn't about you dan. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, carry on. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. You're like 16 years old. Your parents don't know what to do and they have their hands full with their other 10 kids. So they send you to the pavilion mental institution. Like your brain is not working right? And you know it's not but you don't really know why. And your own parents who you thought loved you are just gonna send you away to a haunted island to be locked up. You promised to be good. But your parents can't handle the constant rocking back and forth in the self harm and the night terrors and outbursts. But the cats keep the demons away, Artem They actually do. What's the fact? Okay, so you arrive on the island a few days later with nothing but a small suitcase. But this is taken away from you as soon as your parents float away on the boat, rough hands grab you by the arms from both sides and you're escorted inside the looming building. You're forced to strip down shower and change into a pale gray and change into a pale gray uniform like a prisoner. I'm guessing this isn't like a star lord hosing down right, far less orange and dignified and sexy. Is that a reference to something Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, I fall asleep every time I watch that movie. What really? In the bit? What even in the the chris pratt hosing down scene, I've probably slept through that because I don't recall it, wow. I mean you're missing out dude, not really into chris pratt. I mean he buffed up for that movie man. He's not like the tubby dude that he was in parks and rec Are you into chris pratt? I mean not in that sense, no, maybe kind of a bro crush. How adorable. Perfect. Then you're given a shot even though you're not behaving badly at all. In fact you are quieter and more still than usual but out of the corners of your eyes, you see shadows that are more than shadows. They have features like faces that are forever screaming and you are so quiet and still. The nurses in the shadows ****** you to your cell and the shot starts to wrap around you like a warm embrace and nothing matters anymore. Opiates before your nurses leave the room, you whisper to them. I see the dark ones in the corridors through the windows and behind the doors. But they just laugh and walk away. The dark ones are coming for you little girl. They are waiting, biding their time. And when you least expect it, they will take you, take you away to the other side booby booby. So it is said and I have it on good authority that this is said about most mental institutions such as this one. And I suppose of that time that patients were frequently tortured and experimented on. Sometimes they were tortured to death. Dr Damian Nikolaevich was the headmaster of the asylum during his reign at the hospital. Many patients told him and the staff that they were seeing ghosts. So the good doctor did what most doctors did to mental patients during this time. What's a lobotomy? Nobody asked what's a lobotomy? Nobody asked. Well, dan is going to explain doctors in ye oldie times had a hard time treating patients who were mentally ill. Not that much has really changed. Let's be frank. Anyway, broken bones or a sore throat were much, but anyway, broken bones or a sore throat were much easier to diagnose and treat a lot of mental disorders did not even have names back then. So proper diagnoses were impossible. Doctors are like, look, their brains are sick, we should just open their skull and wiggle things about and see what happens. And so they did. And they usually made people worse or just killed them in the process. Which may or may not be worse I suppose. So then the doctors were like what if we do it? What if we don't have to operate on the patient to get to the brain? What if we're just going through the eye hole? And so keyhole surgery was born. I don't really know if that's true but this is probably one of its earliest forms and it kind of makes sense. You can't go in through the year albeit they probably did try that first with somewhat less than ideal results. You could probably go in through the soft palate of the mouth. You could most certainly go in through the nose. But if you really, really want to put your already unstable patient at ease, what better way than approaching their eye with a long needle? Oh God. And so they started doing that. Some of the first lobotomies were done using a an actual ice pick. Okay. I mean it's true. Some of the first lobotomies were done using an actual ice pick, it goes into the corner of your eye hole, your eyeball remains intact. I mean that's some kind of consolation prize here. Right. Yeah. Through there. The ice pick can easily reach your frontal lobe and this is the area of the brain that affects most of your behavior. The surgery causes most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex which is the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain to be severed. This results in the patient becoming common dull cell when they were previously displaying constant episodes of violence or aggression. This practice was done without any use of anesthesia or concern for sanitation. While this may sound barbaric. And it most certainly was. I feel like we moved from the dark ages to the 19th and 20th centuries rather quickly here. So to be clear. The first lobotomy was performed in 18 80 by some swiss fellow called Gottlieb Burckhardt, that fella. And just 15 years later we had x rays. So there was only a short period in history where we so it was only a short period in history where we were just rooting around blind in people's brains. He destroyed parts of the frontal lobes and patients suffering from schizophrenia and other auditory hallucinations. He destroyed parts of the frontal lobes and patients suffering from schizophrenia and other auditory hallucinations? No, not now. They'll hear us. No, She'll die later. As we planned. Stop it. You ruin everything. Are you hearing voices again? Daniel? No. Are you talking to ted griffin? Good old ted Ethan. The key is to figure imaginary voices. You don't need to make them up. I'll make them up involuntarily. So I could not find a lot of information about the asylum. But here are some of the things that were documented and actually happened to other asylums in this era. Just to give you an idea of what life would be like in the Pavilion Asylum. Institutions like this were often poorly staffed. I think that's in terms of both quantity and quality. This resulted in patients being neglected severely. There is one case in a west Virginia asylum that reported a patient being locked in solitary only to be forgotten about and starved to death. Forgotten in massive quotes. I suspect sometimes patients were not being fed nutritious diets. Often they would lack vitamin B and niacin resulting in a vitamin deficiency that causes dementia and eventually death. That's right. You are brought to a mental institution for depression and you wind up with dementia as well. You're welcome. There was a treatment called photo stimulation. You would be locked in a dark room with a machine that flashes lights in your face and random sequences. And this would usually result in seizures or shock patients claim that this treatment was the same as torture. Speaking of torture, electroconvulsive therapy or E. C. T. More commonly known as electroshock therapy was also abundant at these hospitals. There was a reason there is a reason that institutions like these no longer exist in this day and age. I mean they do though let's go off on a little tangent here. Here's some stats for you. A survey of psychiatric practice in the US in the late 19 eighties found that an estimated 200,000 people received E. C. T. Annually in just 13 of the 50 states. The practice of E. C. T. Is that is awesome. Current day regulated by law in the mid 19 nineties. In texas alone. E C. T. Was using about one third of six E. C. T. Was using about one third of psychiatric facilities and given to about 1650 people annually usage of E. C. T. Has since declined slightly. In 2001. E. C. T was given to about 1500 people aged from 16 to 97 in texas. In texas. It is illegal to give E. C. T to anyone under 16. Which is a shame because it could have been a good abortion loophole. E. C. T. Is more commonly used in private psychiatric hospitals and in public hospitals. And of course minority patients are minority patients underrepresented in the E. C. T. Statistics. E. C. T. Is used to this day in the UK. In 1980 an estimated 50,000 people received E. C. T. Annually with use declining steadily since then to about 12,000 people per year. In 2002. It is still used in nearly all psychiatric hospitals with a survey of E. C. T. Use from 2000 to finding that 71% of patients were women and 46% were over 65 years of age, 81% had a diagnosis of mood disorder. Schizophrenia was the next most common diagnosis. 16% were treated without their consent. E. C. T. Is still used to this day and here's where it gets really interesting and much more like the old days institutions There are other types of electricity-based therapy here in the us. I ship you not. They give kids backpacks with 12 volt batteries and electrodes attached to their legs. Teachers or doctors can then shock them when they misbehave the likes of threatening to hit another student or patient running away, screaming or swearing, refusing to follow direction etcetera etcetera. These are issued by court order. That's the law. They are not removed. Kids will have these electrodes for years or even decades. There's a whole story about these at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton massachusetts which has been one of the most controversial institutions for people with disabilities in the country for over half a century. Just last year in 2021, the FDA banned use of these devices on future patients, because you know. such a forward thinking country. So modern. However, those already approved for therapy are still being treated with these devices and as I understand it, they will not be taken off until certain legal proceedings about the devices use in general have reached a conclusion. So yeah go on carry on order. Let's get back to the old and barbaric days in which the let's get back to the old and barbaric days in which the mentally **** me, Let's get back to the old and barbaric days in which the mentally unwell were still mistreated. One night in 1930, Dr Damian Nikolaevich threw himself off of the islands. Bell Tower. Was he driven mad by the ghosts that haunt the island? Or did he suffer from the guilt of having tortured so many people? They say that his ghost joined the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of plague ghosts that haunt the island. To this very day. The bell from the tower was removed many years ago, but people in venice and lido claim that they still hear it chime occasionally. The doctor's ghost is said to be walking the wards, taking notes or in the area of the bell tower, prone to uncontrollable laughter and screams and frequently throwing himself from the top, disappearing into silence before he hits the stones beneath The mental institution was later shut down and transformed into a nursing home for elderly and homeless Venetians, but that did not last long either. And the buildings were all shut down in 1968, 1968, 19, Once again, Pavilion Island was devoid of humanity. Some people in the 1980s tried to use the island for agriculture, but that didn't work out at all. So they left you'd think with all that Ash, You'd think with all that ash, the land would be super fertile. I don't know. I'm not a farmer man. Look, daddy, I'm a farmer In 2014 and 2015. A few private groups tried to buy the island and use it for tourism. But each time their projects fell through, the island is still vacant. To this day, the surviving buildings on the island consists of a cabana. Um, like a bar type area. Isn't that a cabana? Oh ship that is a cabana. The is a cabana. I don't know. It's why I asked. I don't know a church, a hospital, the asylum, the bell tower and housing and may. I just, I just really want there to be. I just really want there to have been a bar for the sick people. So my ****'s falling off and I'm going totally insane. But at least I get to drink my way through it. So there's still some buildings there. But wait, what about the housing and administrative buildings for the Star for so let's just recap here a cabana, which may or may not be a bar, a church, a hospital, the asylum, the bell tower and housing and administrative buildings for the staff. The Bell Tower is the most visible structure on the island and dates back to the 12th century. It belonged to the Church of San Vitale. ****. It belonged to the Church of San Vitale, which was demolished in 1806. The tower was reused as a lighthouse. I don't reuse the tower as another ******* bar cabana. The island consists of multiple plague pits. An estimate published by National Geographic suggests that over 100,000 people died on the island over the centuries and were buried in plague pits. Others suggest that the number is closer to 200,000 100,000. That's the thing about this island. There is not a lot of information on the internet about it and what information there is. It's all can funneled. I like that word discombobulated. Yes, I struggled to get the oh my throat. I got something for that if you want. I struggled to get the exact timeline of the island's history because different websites had different dates. Only after I found several that matched up. Could I draw my own conclusion? The island has been featured on the paranormal shows, ghost adventures and scariest places on earth locals tell people not to visit the island. They say that it's haunted. They also say that when an evil man dies, he wakes up there. In fact, it's illegal to visit this island. It's probably, there's even inside me it's probably illegal to go there because the soil is so corrupted with plague corpse. Goo sounds like a munger's Paradise. It's probably illegal to go there because the soil is so corrupted with plague corpse goo. Sounds like Amanda's Paradise nasty giggity this did not stop Youtubers though. I watched a walkthrough of the island by Youtuber called Britain taylor and also by a channel called Yes theory. They both did a walkabout and I watched a bunch more allow us listeners if we may to talk you through a walkabout of the island. A talk about the island is not far from venice at all. You get there by boat if you're lucky, you can hire a water taxi to take you and hope that they not only come back for you later, but also that they don't call the authorities. When you arrive at the dock, you are greeted by metal fencing with no trespassing signs plastered on them. If you walk around a bit, you will probably find a handed. If you walk around a bit, you will probably find a hidden entrance tucked somewhere behind a bush where the fence has been cut away. I do enjoy a hidden entrance tucked away behind a bush. The buildings are old and decrepit, the buildings are old and decrepit, falling apart from years of decay. And am I speaking very softly. The buildings are old and decrepit, falling apart from years of decay and unkept conditions, graffiti covers the walls in most of the rooms, suggesting that you are not the first one to risk exploring this abandoned place and you definitely won't be the last. Be careful on the stairs. Some of them have begun to crumble despite being made from stone or marble. When you are walking across the gardens be mindful of the soil on which he tread. Hundreds of thousands of people over the centuries have been either burned or buried on this tiny island. You are walking on a mass grave, vines and trees have wrapped themselves around the bones of these old buildings. In some places natures even burst through the wall. In some places nature has even burst through walls and windows like the island is taking itself back. Or maybe the dead are coming alive through the trees to destroy the structures that were their final homes and resting places. All furniture and art have long since been looted and destroyed. Occasionally though you will see an old rusted heater lying on the ground, a built in tiled bathtub. It's porcelain yellowed with age and toppled over shelf, old metal bed frames. You walk through the forest and come to an old wooden bridge. The bridge is simply made wide enough to push or pull a cart over. The bridge is still intact. So go ahead and walk over it. On this part of the island is where most of the plague victims were burned and buried. So do you even want to step so do you even want to set foot on this part of the island? You if you do, you will be walking on an ancient burial ground. You hesitate for a minute and then continue on this sliver of the island is lush and beautiful. There's ivy crawling from the floor up to the trees and then up to the canopies. There really is not much else to see on Pavilion. It's an island with a tragic history. You don't see any ghosts or spirits during your few hours on the island. Maybe you feel uncomfortable or sometimes even nauseous, but other than a sense of foreboding, you don't really see anything paranormal when your water attack when your water taxi arrives at the dock, you let out a sigh of relief. They came back for you even though you didn't see anything here on the island that might ***** you. You certainly don't want to be stranded here overnight. After all, you've just spent a few hours here in the daylight. That was a very nice description. Autumn very well written some of your final work, I would say. Um and as somebody who has done a fair amount of herb xing, that's urban exploration and has been in many an abandoned asylum and other buildings of interest, you evoked it very well. I liked it. Good job. And I definitely do recommend visiting these places at night though. It's way better. Okay so I watched it. Okay, so a big fat Doobie needs to be in my mouth. Okay big fat. What Doobie Doobie Doobie Doob D. No. You want a big fat in your mouth, marijuana. I mean do they call ***** Doobie in England? No, I mean yes, yes they do take my Doobie. Okay so I watched a clip of the Ghost adventures adventure on pavilion to let me start by saying, I don't watch this show. I have tried but I find it to be unbelievable and corny. The show reminds me of when I was like 12 and our group of friends would go hang out in the cemetery at night and there would be like one or two people in the group pretending that they for real saw something over there by the tree. But we all knew that they were just seeking attention. But at the same time we were really pumped to see a ghost. So we just kind of Fed off of each other's energy. That's ghost adventures. Anyways. Yeah, you didn't sell it for me. I'll probably give that one a miss. So in the clip, the guys are about to go across the bridge onto the sliver of the island where the plague victims were mostly cremated and burned in giant pyres immediately upon entering this section of the island. The main dude is like, do you feel that record yourself looking off into the distance? I don't think it works like that. This is not an audio visual. No, it's not. No, no, we should have done this should have been our first Youtube, but I thought I looked like super kind of suave wasting time. Maybe I'll maybe I'll put my hand on my chin. Okay, let's go carry the funk on. Then they said that they smelled a strange odor and I mean, I've got to say I'm just high as **** right now. They said they smelled, can we please finish this quickly? Yeah, if you stop recording, they said that they smelled a strange odor. Oh my God, I am dude, they said that they smelled a strange odor as if something was burning and the main dude starts yelling at him and then the main dude starts yelling into the forest, is anybody out here? And of course you hear a voice in the distance and everyone is like, is there anybody out there? So this is being filmed at night with night vision. The quality is never really great on this show. And the main dude says that the locals are constantly seeing white shadows and apparitions walking around on the island. The locals who never visit the island constantly see apparitions walking around on the island, right? You can see the island from lido and venice, It's like in eyesight in eyesight. Yeah, you can see it. Is it within spitting distance? No, but it's, it's within baby kicking distance. That's perfect. I mean I, I often measure distances by drop kicking babies. So this one is only three baby. Drop kicks away. It's like 12. Ariana grande away. I would love 12. Ariana Grande. Oh my God, what I wouldn't do what I wouldn't do with one, Ariana Grande. But but all, I mean all 12 of them would be sore as fun. Can we keep going? Please look. You got me thinking about Ariana grande in that music video where they're all on the exercise bike, it might be going in the podcast. Okay, stop. Oh my God. And then the main dude just starts digging into the ground. I have watched a bunch of walkabouts on Youtube and none of them did this. He pulls up a pile of dirt on his machete and flings it. So he pulls up a pile of dirt on his machete and flings the dirt into the air and you can see that it's mostly ash mixed into the earth even with the poor quality night vision and then he finds a piece of bone. What are you doing? Ghost adventurers are asking for a curse man. Yeah. And that bone was definitely not planted there at all. Not not in any way. No chance. No way. That's what I would normally think on their normal like episodes. But this island literally, I mean it's 100 thousands of people on this tiny piece of island. Of course you're gonna find bone. Of course, yes, there's no argument. My silence argues for me. Anyway, maybe they'll go ahead and build a whole last neighborhood on it. We're here. R I p what? The little girl's dead. Yeah, for like 30 ******* years. Who's still sad about it? I am lovely. You know, I kind of want to watch this whole episode, but I don't know where to find it. I could only find clips that I don't have access to the network that they are on. Such a shame. Yeah, they're on the Travel channel by the way. I will not be subscribing anyways. So that's all we have about this island. It's sad and scary. And I wish I could find out more dan how the **** are we going to wrap this up? Because I'm all tapped out of good endings Apparently. Honestly, I kind of feel like you were about seven episodes ago. But but you are, I don't know, figure it out. You're the brains behind this operation. You see what I did. Their brains behind the operation. Lobotomy. Anyway, all that talk of lunging. I'm off for a Sherman. Goodbye everybody. Goodbye. Everybody who's a Sherman. It's rhyming slang. So like a Sherman Tank. Thanks for listening. What rhymes with tank shank. That one might do to one's self. There it is. There it is. We got there in the end bank, huge thanks to Dayton Bazzani for still paying for our patreon is our one patreon subscriber. 15 episodes in your tight fisted ***. Mother stopped paying. She's poor. There's a difference. Thank you, Sandy for your donation. Oh, that sounds pretty sexy. Also, thank you Sarah because Sarah still subscribes to our anchor thing. You can tell that we are very organized here at seven circles. We know everybody who's doing everything and you know with such vast numbers of people subscribing. It's hard to keep track of everybody. So with three whole people, I understand why order might not know who's paying what to wear. It's, it's pretty hard logistically speaking running this gig, man. It's, it's just tough. Also, we're going to take a week off next week. Dan has a pool tournament to go to and I want an extra week to write the next episode because it's going to be awesome and I wanted to make it as awesome as possible. I do have a pool tournament. That's the weekend though. Yeah, but we anyway, so let's go ahead and read the stuff and I can't do that today. Let's do it today because we're gonna, we're gonna make a new one of those two and a new intro will be coming soon. Yeah. So we're going to record a new intro and a new outro to these pods very soon. We haven't written those yet. So it's gonna ******* wing it today, I reckon, What do you reckon? But what you want to do the same old one, but try and remember it. Thank you. Thank you for listening. Your donations support can help. Um Elevate our podcast. Please please subscribe to bar Patreon. I don't know what to say that you missed so much. Find us on social media. My God. It's seven circles, pod. That's the number seven circles like circles like the shape podcast, you can just find original music by Caroline gates art. **** up by Caroline gates and original music by no machine remembered it. There you go. Um Those guys are awesome. They do real art, not like our podcast. We like you guys. Thanks for listening. Please don't stop and I can't stop. Stop, come down, open up shop. What was the song that we said we were going to do at the end of an episode? That is ******* what's her name? Turn around every now and then I feel a little bit lonely and I wish he'd come around, turn around every now and then Autumn can sing in key. She just doesn't do it often. Turn around bright eyes and then I fall apart and I? D tonight, come on when we're not recording, we're actually pretty good at that. That was just horrendous. I'm so sorry. **** me, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, what are you doing? Oh come here lily, come say hi to the microphone. Wait bringing, bringing grumpy cat and see if he can make her go for the microphone. I'm still recording. Still recording. Don't have fun editing this ship tomorrow. Okay bye love you. Then show us your boobs. Oh standard, don't let her scratch the thing. Yeah.