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Voiceover done for a client who wanted a voiceover for his students.

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the Omani historic voyage. Ahmed Mina Ayman al Kaabi was an important man in Omani history. He was the private secretary to side say to Bill Sultan. That is why side side pull Sultan selected him as the first Arab ambassador, a diplomat who represents a country to the United States. No Arab had ever been to the United States before. Ahmed bin Ahmad al Gabe's voyage on ship. Thus his voyage helped to enable a good trading relationship between the United States and Oman. Who was Ahmed Mina Ayman Al Gab Ahmed bin Ahmad al Kaabi was born in Oman in 1784. He had two daughters. Fatman Mariam. He was an adventurous and brave man. The sultan trusted him, which was why he chose him for this historic voyage. Ahmed Mina Ayman Al Kaabi was polite and he promoted Oman's welfare. A Madman Namen died in Zanzibar in 1869. How did the voyage come to be in 18 39. Side side Bin Sultan was interested in establishing trade with the United States. After several people from the United States visited Oman, these people encouraged side said Bin Sultan, to send a ship to the United States. Diplomats, officials from a country in the United States were fascinated by Oman's foods and items and they hope that Oman would be willing to expand their trading routes to the US. The Sultan agreed that trading with the United States would benefit both countries. So he decided to send an ambassador to the United States. What happened on the trip Ahmed bin Ahmad al Kaabi was personally selected by the Sultan to make the journey to the United States. The journey took place in early May of 1840. A madman, Ahman Al Kaabi boarded the Sultans royal ship called the al Sultana. The ship was loaded with Persian carpets, dates, coffee, ivory, tusks and other omani products. The ship only made one stop before the U. S. And ST Helena, an island in the south atlantic ocean. The ship was then well received when it arrived in new york and the governor of new york gave the crew a warm welcome. The crew traded their Omani goods for american goods, namely mirrors and chandeliers. Why was Ahmed Mina Ayman al Kaabi, important ahmed Mina Ayman Al Kaabi was the very first ambassador to step foot on american soil. His voyage paved the way for future trade between the United States and Oman and changed Oman's future. His voyage was very important because it was a historical event that led to more trading between the two countries. A madman. Amman al Kaabi was a brave and adventurous man who started trade for the first time between Oman and the United States. His voyage said the United States was a historical event because he was the very first ambassador to go there