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So I've been wearing sweatpants for like eight months straight stitch fix has the latest styles and with their custom tailoring, I can look my best even though my figure has evolved to all those who doubted me. I just have one thing to say. Thanks for the motivation, the all new QX 50 luxury my way. There's never a bad time to plan for the future to make the first down payment on your dreams because the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Edward jones. Look, I can help my daughter with her geometry homework if I have to, but cooking dinner on top of that, sorry, maybe next pandemic Red Baron. Did you just say it's a diet coke is a mom drink If it's good enough for the people who literally birth the human race, I think it's good enough for you. Diet coke, drink what your mama gave you. It takes me eight hours to make my famous lemonade. So when the girls told me about country time instant lemonade, I told him to stay out of the sun. What's that? This is country time, instant lemonade. Now this is awkward.