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A selection of different types of guides, from introduction about how to use the device, to tour for kids and description of Renaissance painting to explanation of the horrors of Victorian London. Adapted or Written by myself

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picking up your device. Welcome to the cathedral here in Palencia and thank you for taking this audio tour before we start. Let me just recap how to use the device on the wall next to each painting. Stop three ST Sebastian of the Loof. Go to just about any major art gallery in any capital in Europe, and there's a good chance you'll see a picture of a man looking heaven woods and with arrows sticking out of him. Now it's worth remembering here that during the Renaissance there were few opportunities to paint a male nude plenty, of course, for the female form, but very few for men. So this may have been the reason that so many of the biggest names from all over Europe rejoiced at any commission to paint ST Sebastian a petition. Tintoretto, Bellini, Bernini, Rubens and Domenico says they are the cupolas best known by his Spanish nickname, El Greco, all painted Saint Sebastian. Well, imagine you're a king or a very rich person, and you don't want to be forgotten after you've died. So what you do when you get a pyramid built for yourself, it's got loads of chambers and long secret passages in it. And once you've died, you will be laid out there with all your favourite things, like furniture and games and oh, in some food for the journey. Well, it's quite a long way to the afterlife, isn't it? Well, so the Egyptians thought anyway, notably the East End ********** Mary Ann Nichols was working the streets of White Chapel, trying to raise the pennies needed to get a bed in a local Doss house when she fell victim to the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper. According to some accounts, she had raised the money twice over, but it spend it on drink before she went back out on the streets to sell her body one last time.