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When you start comparing American beaches, you won't go far before someone points you to the University of Maryland at College Park, where Dr Stephen Leatherman teaches. Known as Dr Beach, he puts out an annual list of the top 10 beaches in the United States. He also does extensive beach research and studying of erosion. Before Australia had deserts, rainforests covered the continent. Today, just a few isolated patches remain. In these forests, a brilliant array of parents adapted crafty beaks and dextrous toes to crack the rich bounty of seeds and fruit, the tiniest of all the fig parrot gorges on fruit bigger than its head. We live in a society where image is important, especially for the majority of young people. Everyone wants to look good, but what happens if this normal wants becomes an obsession? Tonight we uncover the truth behind teenage eating disorders and what types of body image pressures influenced the dangerous journey of getting the perfect figure