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Tad, Children’s Book, Voiceover Narration

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I was requested by the author and illustrator to clearly and articulately provide a narration in support of the release of the children’s book, Tad.

This is the official audio voiceover narration for the audiobook. You will see that it is clear, spirited and professional.

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Vocal Characteristics


English (British)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


England - South East (Oxford, Sussex), England - South West (Cornwall, Devon, West Country), Welsh


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Tad, Written by Brad Stave and illustrated by Josh Cleland, narrated by Becky Stave. Finally, winter had slipped away. Spring was here and Sunbeams began to warm a sleepy pond deep in the mountains at the edge of the pond. Something stirred. A group of eggs was starting to hatch. Fish wiggled their fins for the very first time, their tails swishing through the water as they darted about. Everything was exciting on the pond. Life had begun. The baby fish were a happy bunch exploring their new world together. One little fellow, Tad, was a different colour from the rest. But this didn't bother him one bit. After all, Green happened to be his favourite colour, and it suited him perfectly. The fish grew stronger with each passing day. Some were lightning fast, darting this way and that across the pond. Others had gorgeous fins and glistening scales. A handful of lucky fish could explode out of the water like rockets. They're spectacular. Leaps made them the envy of the pond. Tad introduced himself to the speedy fish. Hi, guys. My name is Tad. I think I'm a pretty fast fish. Can I race with you? Sure. They chorused Of course you can. The group pulled up next to a rock, okay, shattered the largest fish in the bunch on three. Let's race the giant weeds and back. Their little tails began to tremble with anticipation. 123, go! Tad gave it all he had, but he was no match for the others. As the racing fish darted across the finish line Tad and not even reach the weeds, Tad finally caught up with the racing fish. Pretty give my first try, wasn't it? He puffed. Good. You were awful grown. The biggest fish we could beat you swimming backwards. Face it, slowpoke. Speed is not your thing. As he drifted away from the race, is tattered. Noticed that his tail didn't feel quite right, where only days earlier it felt strong. It was now decidedly floppy. There, right, he side. I'm not cut out to be a racing fish. Tad was determined to discover his own special talent off in the distance. He noticed another group they were hard to miss since they were the prettiest fish in the pond. Wow, you're all gorgeous, said Todd as he introduced himself. Could I spend time with you and learn how to be a glamorous fish. Oh, honey, declared the leader of the group. Green is so last season. Look at us with the most fabulous fish in the pond. We have sparkling scales, feathery fins, tremendous tales. But boy, look at you. Your tail is puny. You have warts. And actually, you look positively slimy. Slimy, tad slimy, tad slimy, tad slimy Tad sang the fish as he wiggled away. Sadly, Tad realised that there was only one group left that he could try to join the mighty jumping fish he approached, seeing giant explosions of water erupt from the surface. As the fish took flight, springing out of the pond and diving down into the depths, Tad was impressed. Surely this must be the group for him. That's so cool, Tad gushed. Fellas, I just know that I can jump like you if I show you how amazing I am. Can I join your club? He asked. The lead jumper looks squarely at Tad. Sure, big guy, you can try out, but don't get your hopes up, he said. Your tail is stubby, you're a little chunky and you're about as aerodynamic as a toad. Friday training is over. But on Monday morning, show us how high you jump and will decide if you can join the team. Could this be his big break? Is this where he could be part of a club? The rejections had knocked his confidence, and Tad slowly swam towards a dark cave close by. He was nervous, but knew he needed to give jumping a try. There were no other clubs for him to join. In a few days, he had to show the others that he had a talent worth celebrating. Monday morning Dawn. Too soon, the sun rose and the pond began to wake up all the fish. The racing, gorgeous and jumping, made their way to the mouth of Todd's cave. Big Guy, It's time for tryouts. Pelted the lead jumping fish. Yeah, Tad, show us what you've got. If it's anything at all, took one of the beautiful fish. A wave of laughter rippled through the crowd. Port had was terrified. It's now or never, he thought. And with that, Tad shot out of the cave like a cork from a bottle. As Tad sped past the fish, they stared. They couldn't believe what they were seeing a gasp went up as Tad leapt high above the water. Ribbit. That morning, Tad discovered who he really was. The very best frog in the entire pond. The end.