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Sample of Audio Description from Harry Potter

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Harry and Ron. Look at Hermione who squints thoughtfully outside on the quad. Students form two lines. Each one has a broomstick on the ground in front of them. Rolandas yellow eyes, twinkle. Harry's broom. Jumped into his hand. Draco's broom shoots up into his hand. More brooms leap into their owner's hands. Khamenei's broom wiggles on the ground. Ron's broom flies up and wax his nose. Harry laughs. Neville rises a few feet off the ground strangling his broomstick. Neville gapes at the ground below. Neville hangs on as the broom takes off. He rises higher and higher. Neville jerks back and forth as the broom bucks like a horse then spin sideways. Neville dive screaming into a stone wall. He bounces off and back again. The broom takes Neville straight through the group of students. Rolanda and the others dive out of the way as Neville speeds past and through an arch, he shoots straight up and over a statue holding a spear. Neville's robe catches on it and he dangles high above the quad. The robe rips and he drops his robe catches on a torch holder. He slips out of the robe and falls. Rolanda runs over the first years. Look on nervously.