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Let me tell you a story about my father from his far back, as I can remember, he's always been there when I wake up way. He was there to help me whenever I couldn't figure something else, especially when I got in over my head. No, I wanted to be just like him. There are no questions where we belong. We're fueled by dedication, dedicated to be stronger, faster and to protect our own. Putting it all on the line, every shift every night. It's our commitment to our fans. Our city. What if you could get every person who supports Children from birth to age eight? In one room? Every parent, educator, doctor, social worker, park district coordinator, policymaker Everyone in one room. They degree every child deserves carrying high quality programs and services and a supportive community rich with opportunities for Children to play, grow and learn. Who do you want to be when you grow up? Someone who gets pushed around in order meetings, spinning your wheels behind a death? I told you can't when deep down you know you can. Isn't it time to tell the naysayers that they're done same day that life is more than just a daily grind. That success doesn't come from fancy words and fancy clothes. Adventure racing isn't just any sport. It's a lifestyle built on power, great determination, and it's being able to navigate chaos and trust your decisions. Smart will strategize and the winners focus.