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Freestyle. No script. All fun!

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Oh, there you are. Come with me. Let me tell you. I'm sure you go the time. The time when we all used to get along. Yes, they used to be such a time. There's never been such a What do you mean? I mean let me explain. Hold on. You see? Now you see, for some for quite some time it's been a brewing. There's been a storm brewing. The fight is here. Now you must make your decision way. Will you run? Cut it over. You fight. The choice is yours and yours alone way cannot go back to how it was way may only move forward From now on, there is no looking back Whatever was in the past is dead now remember that. But you said you would tell me about the time. The time we used to get along like civilized human beings Way fullest one we will never civilized. There has always been hatred of man's hood. They've always tried toe destroy one another way. So you're saying you're saying that this way Eyes is going to be trying to tell me this way