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Whether it is the chill Gen Y'er, the edgy Gen X fella or the all-american guy next door, This demo has something to offer for just about any project... including yours! Featured styles: believable, amusing, upbeat, conversational, guy next door, approachable, edgy, authoritative, hard-sell, soft sell, cowboy, Southern American, inspirational, inspired and motivational.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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Chapter 13 throw guided the boat down River. Zach, his stomach full, nodded off into a deep and much needed sleep with the problems. He faced it home. He rarely slept a long while had passed since his eyes felt as heavy as they did the seconds before they shut. Hours later, he awoke, revitalized. He'd had no dreams or nightmares. This time, the glow of the sun warmed the deck of the ship. He smiled and stood, but a piercing pain erupted in his head and he doubled over. Stay calm. Let the communication happen, Throgs said. Ah, face took shape when he closed his eyes. A man, someone he thought look familiar. Smooth skin, dark hair and glimmering eyes were all Zach could make out. The image tried to speak to him, but like a car radio under a bridge, the message broke up. We morning, but Valley he disappeared as abruptly as turning a television off. Zach's vision dissolved and then focused as his head captured the experience. What what just happened? I saw someone. Your link to the assembly contacted you. He's trying to send a message. Did he say anything throught gassed? As if such correspondence was commonplace. Zach rubbed his temples because a slight throbbing remained. I couldn't make out most of the words. He did say something about a valley throught patted his back. The irritation will pass, and the next connection will be easier. Valley A. I hope it's not too valley. We must hike through the **** to get there a death drop. You mean the Kark forest with all those creepy little men? I the Borgman. We can't go there alone, though. Too dangerous. Besides, he may not have meant Tomb Valley. We need to track down the river a bit more. I passed a large encampment of Meridian soldiers on the way up river. With any luck but still camping there, Zach decided toe lie back down and gaze at the sky. As the boat chugged along, the blue heavens offered occasional spurts of marshmallow clouds. He drew in a deep breath of clean air. The aroma was of the river, fishy, warm and sweet from the gurgling flow of fresh water. The throbbing in his skull subsided and he sat up. Throgs smiled, had better. Now, laddie, the transmissions will become easier as you get more of, um It's a good sign your link is attempting to reach you, and he must be strong to do so. Keep quiet a bit now, this particular part of the river Sports Sim Sara Lee types. They glided on for a couple miles. Throgs slowed the boat and steered to the East Bank. A few bugs swarm nearby, and Zach swatted at them. Nats kept flying around his head, throng whispered. This is the last place the Meridian Brigade encamped. When I traveled this way the other day, I stopped it and had some Judd and D With, um, The captain's name is Spero. Smoke billowed through the air, hugging the tree tops. They drew nearer and viewed flames dancing along the shoreline, burning tents mixed with a fishy river. Zac's brow creased Hayden's grumbled frog. The boat pulled up to the rocky shore, and Throgs leaped over the side and tied the vessel down to a thick bush. The camp had been pillaged. Several bloody figures, dressed in armor, lay still. Zach stood stunned, eyes wide. He'd only seen dead bodies on television or in video games. Those men in the mud had once been alive. Flies danced around the mouth of one soldier. Stay on the dang boat. Zach, Should I not return soon? Don't come looking for me. Steer the boat straight down the river. Stop before the in bunk lake and walk east to the Dorado path. The course will lead you to Marach. Use meridians capital. No, I'm coming with you. I don't know where where to go. I get lost in these woods with without you. Lardy, take a quick peek. Someone slaughtered this brigade. Meridia is my home. I need to find out who did this. And I'm not bringing you understand? Zack nodded, but he hated being left alone. He hoped drug wouldn't be gone long.