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Enjoy a sample of one of my favorite audiobooks, The Silver Sphere: The Kin Chronicles. Available on Amazon! This segment includes a wide range of character styles and roles. Take a listen and enjoy this terrific literature!

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Young Adult (18-35)


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geek loser Zack Ryder halted and peaked around the corner of the school hallway. The final bell had rung almost 10 minutes ago, and the tiled halls loomed empty. Well, mostly four massive brutes shove one of Zach's friends into the row of metal lockers. One grabbed Adrian by the cuff of his shirt and walloped him. Adrian whimpered. His small hands flailed in an attempt to cover his face. Zac's guts turned. If he tried to assist, they'd pummel him. But he couldn't just hide. He and Adrian had known each other since third grade. Zach glanced around in hopes of finding a teacher. No one appeared, and the teachers lounge was on the far side of the school. If he bolted for aid, Adrian would be a bloody mess. By the time he returned, the fire alarm across the whole caught his attention. The little red box never looks so inviting. Without hesitation, he scooted over and tugged the white handle. The bell reverberated down the corridor. He turned back to glimpse the bully, scrambling, yelling, Fire drill! Now let's beat it before the teachers get down here, we'll finish with you. Another time, wimp Zach raced over to his friend and knelt beside him. Adrian, are you okay? Yes, your his friend muttered through a bloody lip. A shiner already swelled over his right eye, his spectacles askew. Can you walk? We need to split. Adrian grown does. Zach pulled him up and threw Adrian's arm around his neck. Zach realized how much smaller they were compared to their antagonize, er's as he hefted Adrian's bag over his other shoulder and grunted, Geez, what do you have in here? Adrian didn't reply. They hurried out the exit opposite, the one the bullies had gone through. Zach Sense commotion behind as teachers scurried around, trying to figure out the cause of the blaring. Only a few of them had arrived at this end of the school, no doubt looking for any students left from band or soccer practice. Zach shouldered the door open, and he and Adrian slipped out of the building unnoticed. Once outside, he guided Adrian down to the green lawn. He dropped the heavy bag of books and wiped a layer a sweat from his brow. Did you pull the alarm? Asked Adrian, eyeing Zack as he fixed his glasses. One of the arms had been bent. Any. Struggled to straighten it? Yeah, I didn't think I'd find teachers quick enough. The smashed live looked only half is bad when he smiled. Thanks. I'll have to remember that one. Zach plopped down beside him. The grass cool and soft. No problem. Is your mom on her way? Not for another hour. Math club. Today I want to go to the five and dime. Zach I the school. If Gordy and his gang found them out here, he wouldn't be able to pull a fire alarm to escape. We can get some ice for your eye. Adrian picked up the lawn, snapping blades and dropping them in a neat pile. I don't know, Zack. I might just head home. I'll walk with you. You don't have to. Zach noticed the tears welling in Adrienne's eyes. The other boy wiped them away as his must brown hair whipped in the breeze. He looked miserable. I want to You're my bro, said Zach. I'm not going to have you go home alone. Come on, I'll carry your bag. Adrian stood. Zach offered to let him lean against his shoulder, but Adrian shook his head. I'm good, just a little freaked out. Zach hoisted the book knapsack over his back. No problem. They paste in silence For a time. Zach considered teasing his friend, but nothing sounded right. Being beat up was terrifying. Zack had suffered his fair share of bullying car zoomed by on Harding Boulevard. They lived a good three miles from the school, but by the time they reached his neighborhood, Adrian started chatting again. I did buy a new fatback, he said with a smirk. I didn't think I do enough chores. $40 down the drain. He laughed. Did you open it yet? All, of course, and you'll never guess what I got. Which Siri's Zach asked. He didn't immerse himself into magic the way Adrian had, but he understood the game well enough. Sometimes they play together. Zach liked his sliver deck. If he pulled the sliver queen out. Almost nothing stopped it. New for Xia. Duh, Adrian said with a snort. He grinned. Then Winston touched his split lip. Anyways, I got card the planes. Walker, Can you believe Zach shook his head? I never understood planes, walkers. They seem to break the game. You have the L. Drazi to balance everything They reached Adrian's place, a ranch style red brick house with a sprawling front yard. A single cottonwood stood sentinel in the center of the lawn. The tree was already dropping cotton across the plot. We'll have to play a game. You gonna be okay? Zach stuffed his hands in his pockets. Yeah, Adrian shrugged a frail shoulder and took his bag. Thanks again, Zac. You're a good friend. No problem. Take care, but