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: Bob does numerous serious & comedic character voices, dialects, announcers stereotypes & impersonations for clients like Walt Disney Productions, XBox 360, Wii, Sony Playstation (and other video games.) He recently rapped as Ben Franklin for a new Scholastic Rock animated feature, has played Santa Claus for Clear Channel Broadcasting and the worlwide GPS Satellite Positioning System, (Bob Barnes is thee ULTIMATE Santa Claus, y'know!) And he regularly does characters and animation voices for clients like IBM, Do-it Best Hardware, Intl Harvester, Eli Lilly, Indiana Historical Society, and many more. Bob is a fulltime non-union V/O Pro with his own studio & phone patch and can provide most any audio or digital format. Thanks for listening. ~~Bob Barnes, (Email hidden)

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British, US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta)


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No, not black. Huh? Um Oh, yeah, right. Why would I need to be the guy up? When he was so drunk, he could barely warm Mystery how You can have a terrible murder like that and no killer to be found shot, I say. Terribly lucky. Shot on that one was. Now, to be sure you trained on this crossbow, we want you to flick this. That'll do Hickey on the back and try it again. Take your mobile flamethrower and incinerate the firework rates to get the party started early. Before you continue your own search for the device, find out who these agents work. People need to start working or we're never gonna get this done on time. Chuck London, you? Yeah, that's how we do it. At home. Yes, The Rube Goldberg automatic naked. The only thing we have to fear is fear. It's I believe that this country should set a goal before this decade is out of landing. A man on the With all due respect, sir, I'm prepared to go over your head on this. Are you prepared to lose yours, sir? Out, Prothero. This sector isn't called the oven for nothing's game. doesn't take much skill, does it? Oh, So you're playing with some guts now, huh? Hey, that sure beats solution.