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when I was your age, I didn't even have a pencil to do my homework with. We had to do our homework outside in the freezing snow at night. Felt like a truck hit me Head hurt so bad I couldn't see straight Took the pepper item I step My doctor sent us to sage veterinary centres Put me in a big old machine called an m r. I found a tumor in my brain. Yep. They found it, then removed it. Now I'm back on the road pieces in just a feeling but something that you know from your head to your toe And that's the beauty of peace bag In my day we used to play outside, run around and get dirty Not like my grandkids Kids these days have a lot of distractions, Brian. In life, you can choose to be a tuba or you can choose to be a French horn. It's up to you kids. How would say pie? Oh, I'm sorry. Did you say your name was Mary? Oh, Sarah, I'm sorry. I thought you said Mary. I have a little trouble hearing these days. Sure. My full name is Joni Leigh and my birthday is March 13 1949. Dear madam, if you'd be so kind to it. An old man in need. Who Where are my manners? I apologize.