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The facts about Robert Thompson's record are disturbing, and he voted to begin implementing Obama care in Arkansas. We can't afford Robert Thompson. Ever heard of the phrase Do as I say? Not as I do well, while campaigning on balancing the budget and fiscal responsibility, our country is deeply in debt and heading off of fiscal cliff Dr John Rue, she says he represents us in the Idaho Legislature. He voted against increased technology in Idaho classrooms. He supports Obama care and gets an 8% lifetime score on conservative issues. The n R A. Gave him enough for his voting record on gun rights. Really, that doesn't sound like Idaho values at all. A vote for Rue She is a vote for Obama, not for Lewis and Net Spurs counties. It's time for a change in District six. What are liberal interest groups cooking up this year in Florida's 22nd Congressional District? A career politician West spent over two decades and public office, a supporter of Obama care that slashes Medicare on ally of Nancy Pelosi? What happens when you mix these ingredients? Lois Frankel Stein. Floridians deserve better than a scary career politician. On November 6, vote for a bright future vote. Adam Hasner paid for by FreedomWorks for America. State Senator Wesley MEREDITH created a monster. He voted toe open North Carolina to fracking, putting our air and water at risk. That's scary. Tell Senator MEREDITH and the McCrory administration has stopped the zombie fracking policy and stand with North Carolinians.