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these days, it seems like every quarterback with decent offensive line is putting up crazy numbers. But in the mid nineties, Brett Farve was in a class by himself. He led the NFL in touchdowns three straight seasons from 1995 to 1997 and he did so in style as one of the most creative and daring passers that the league has ever seen. When you're just learning how to play guitar, you need to focus on the fundamentals we're talking fingering scales, hitting the right notes. Don't worry about playing a song fast. The only way you can achieve that level of mastery is to hone your technique. So worry about the basics. First Space Shuttle was to the space program what the jumbo jet was to aviation. It dwarfed the capsules used in the Apollo program, and its capabilities were farm or advanced. And while the space shuttle was by no means perfect, it represented an enormous leap forward in space exploration. This is where Western culture was born, where the very idea of democracy was first hatched, where the dramatic art form was perfected, where secular philosophy was debated and where the hero's journey was first told, This is Greece like no place in history, like no place on Earth