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the Jungle Talent Show, written by Jeanette Macleod, illustrated by Maxed as York and read by Rachel Salomon Zoe The Zebra hammered away Bang, bang, bang! What is she nailing to the baobab tree? Asked ELISA, the baby elephant. Rhonda the rhinos, big bottom blocked the way. There's going to be a jungle talent show, replied Percy, the parrot. What's the prize? Asked Claude the chimpanzee, as he hopped up and down, trying to see past Rhonda. Gerald the giraffe bent his long neck down for a closer look. The prize is to appear on the TV show That Jungle's got talent, he said with squeals of delight. All the animals in the jungle rushed off to practise for the talent show. Allies of the elephant sat down in the shade of the baobab tree. I'm not brilliant to 10 thing, she sighed as she watched the other animals practise for the show. Gerald the giraffe practised his tight rope. Walking skills run to the rhino practised her ballet dancing, Leo the lion practised on his unit cycle. Harriet the Hippo practised her favourite opera, Charlie and Claude. The chimpanzees dressed up as clowns and threw buckets of water at each other. Zoe the zebra practised her juggling. And Percy the parrot practise doing funny impersonations of his jungle friends. Percy noticed ELISA was sad, so he flew to see her. Why aren't you getting ready for the talent show, ELISA? He asked her. I don't have any special talents. Sobbed ELISA. So I won't be able to be part of the show. Percy scratched his head with one of his wings. He was deep in thought. Come with me. He suddenly squawked. I've got an idea. Percy took ELISA to the jungle music shop. But I can't play any of these instruments, said ELISA. Not well enough to play them in the talent show. You don't have to be brilliant to be brilliant. Winked Percy. All that day and for the days leading up to the show, Eliza hid herself away. None of the animals knew exactly what she was practising. There was so many different noises coming from her hiding place deep in the jungle. It was the day of the jungle talent show. The judges were very impressed by the dazzling tightrope walking, the amazing ballet dancing, the fantastic unicycling, the beautiful opera singing the hilarious clowns the incredible juggling and the excellent impressions. But the first prize went to ELISA the Elephant and her brilliant one animal marching band. Let's see if you remember what happened in the storey who used their hoof to knock the nail into the poster. Harriet the Hippo, Zoe the Zebra, Claude the chimpanzee. Percy the Parrot Click your mouse on the right. Answer. No, try again. Yes, that's right, Zoe the zebra used her hoof to knock the nail into the poster on the baobab tree. What did Gerald the giraffe do as his talent? Singing, dancing tight, right? Walking ice skating. Click your mouse on the right. Answer. No, that's not right. Well done, Gerald. The giraffe did tight rope walking. What did Leo the Lion do as his talent unicycling? Juggling, swimming, telling jokes. Click your mouse on the right. Answer. That's not it. Great. Leo the lion rode his unit cycle. Where did Percy the parrot take Eliza to the music shop to the cake Shop to the shoe shop to the fruit shop. Click your mouse on the right. Answer. That's not right. Well done. That's it. Percy took ELISA to the music shop. Well done, you remembered the storey off the jungle talent show What would you like to do now? Hear the storey Read the storey yourself. Print your reading certificate, Play some games Click on the button to choose the jungle Talent Show a Abel Oh, amazing! And and animal animals Any anything appear Aunt, as asked at away Baby ballet band bang Baobab B Beautiful bent Big blocked bottom Brilliant buckets But bye I can't Charlie Chimpanzee chimpanzees Claude Closer Clowns come coming dancing day days Dazzling deep the light different doing Don't down dressed each elefant Eliza Enough! Excellent! Fantastic Favourite First flu fool Friends Funny Gerald Getting giraffe going God! Hamed Harriet! I have hey head Ah herself Head hiding Hilarious Hippo His hoped I idea I'm impersonations. Impressed Impressions in incredible instruments is it? I've judges juggling jungle jungles new leading Leo Lyon Long look Many marching may music nailing neck noises None Not noticed Off off on one opera Other parrot part past Percy Place Play practise practised practising prize Ready replied rhinos Rhonda Rope rushed sad said sat scratched see shade She shop show side singing skills So subbed special squawked squeals Suddenly talent talents that the them there ve as these I thought through tight tightrope tree trying two took TV, Eunice cycle unicycling up. Very walking. Wass watched water way Well went were what? What's why wings winked with I won't you zebra Zoe?