Bryan Carmody - 2021 New Work - Daimler Trucks (Freightliner)

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As the New Voice of DTNA (Daimler Trucks North America) this piece highlights what I'd call \"my pocket\". If Sam Elliot and Mike Rowe had a baby - I've been told.

DTNA has hired me twice this year as the pent up need for trucking combined with our Country driving toward electric power surges.

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What is a legacy made off? A few things come to mind. Hard work, true pride, fearless ideas. But a legacy doesn't just make a mark on history. It makes history a legacy. Pushes ahead, always hungry for progress. It doesn't sit idle on what it accomplished yesterday, but gets up early to see what tomorrow could bring. At Detroit, our legacy is forged into everything we dio, not just what we make, but the future. We believe in introducing the new frontier in Detroit's legendary lineup of innovations theme, all electric Detroit e powertrain purpose built to drive the next generation of electric trucks forward with zero emissions, uncompromising power and the ultimate inefficiency and dependability. It's just what you'd expect from a company whose legacy has always been driven by what's next.