PGA Documentary The Story of Arnold Palmer and Willie McRae



This demostrated my passion - Documentary Narration. This was the story of Willie McRae - one of the oldest caddies at Pinehurst who was a frequent Caddie for Arnold Palmer

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the storied history of Pinehearst that travels back over a century wouldn't be complete without mentioning the McRae family. For 74 years, Willie McRae has been a fixture at Pinehurst as a caddy. It's a journey that started when he was just 10 years old. You were back in when I first thought about 10 years old. 1943. Made a 19. My dad Is it Willie yesterday? Do you like kids? I see what you do. Let's go. I'm tired of picking. Card would get off the form. I don't want to do the low farm work. I'm gonna take you to it and no let you care for something again, OK? You should not go out with you. I'm gonna show you how to carry the bag. So he got Mr Tough. You know, I want them to catch a foot. And Donald Ross. He had to obey. You know, you told me everything will do it. Abe around and that little third round, so I don't need to go with you know, you could care that Good as I can. Throughout the years, Willie's caddied for some of the most recognizable names in golf celebrities. and even Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Ford and Nixon. Despite the long list of people he's caddied for, he still ranks one particular man near the top. You can palm a poem, a *****, and he was in school. It wait for it, and I cared for him. Since you got out of school time, I do all improbable where I would follow him the yellow We're playing with him. So come up to the 16th hole at the on the Palmer hit about a clap, and when you get when you yell, hit it shot in a body club waiting Me not just did not go. He playing God repaid your leg over here like I d. So now if you can't clap for him, don't clap for me or you could you could blow that whole crowd with Penny. But from then on, when the yellow they were on a problem. But you did hurt me when your daddy, like you, get feel like it was somebody in my family. Family's always been important to Willie, and over the years he's been able to teach them about the game he loves so much. That's why it should come as no surprise that the next generation of the McRae family has already found a home at Pinehurst. Willie's son Paul is a lead instructor and his grandson Derek serves as a caddy. But, you know, it's a lot of fun, though. And when you come over here, captain, with your grandson and then you see you see your son somewhere, doing the day is one of the wonderful thing in the world. And I told him I said no, you fall now you're going out to be a pro. Boston. I want you to do this now. I don't care what the person say to you. You don't like it. Let it go. It is. You can go out other. You keep work, treat him here like they do the rest being doing. You know, im get comfortable proud their mountains in the woods. What about my dad? My dad was a good He was a good teacher too. So that one thing about here that he always made you relax. So the one thing about I think about my dad been a great kid here. He don't talk about much. But you talked about making people feel relaxed and he can get something. Leave that other people can't get out. You learned You can't