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Character Mix Commercial

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Voice Over • Radio Ad


This demo includes (0-30s) a British voiceover parodying James Bond in a commercial for Mercedes Benz, (30s-1:12) a commercial for the lottery where I am the voice of both the announcer and the caveman, and (1:13-1:31) a commercial with a wiseguy character buying government bonds

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - South East (Oxford, Sussex), US General American (GenAm)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Welcome to Mission Control. We have an important assignment for you, Agent P. We need you to investigate the mysterious disappearance of all 2003 Mercedes Benz E class vehicles as soon as they enter this country. Galactic intelligence believes aliens are abducting these vehicles. They arrive, but our analysis suggested maybe cosmic disinformation to throw us off the trail. Only a field agent, with your background, training and skills can be entrusted with the mission of this magnitude. Good luck. Tens of thousands of years ago, early man demanded instant roar. Today there still remains a primitive need in every human for instant gratification, Which is why the lottery brings you new instant. Now, when you play pick three or pick for for just a dollar more ad on instant match, the computer then selects a set of instant match numbers. If any instant match number matches any of your pick three or pick four numbers in any order you went up to $500 in there is a human need for instant gratification. So play pick three or pick four with new instant magic and win now. Right now. Uh, so let me get this straight I buy, I bonds say a million bucks worth and you're telling me that my money will always earn a rate higher than inflation for 30 years. It's guaranteed to stay ahead of inflation for 30 years for 1000 years, and it's safe. Backed by the US Treasury world comes to an end, no problem still safe.