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This demo features my previous work in promo's. High Energy, Dramatic reads intended to for Radio and TV 30 second spots.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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blast at Six Flags. Great adventure Metro explodes, throwing away every other coaster. Ignite your senses, Nitro A Windsock Last Great Adventure, CNN Saturday If it's on your mind, it's on their show Ideas about your money and your life. Dolans Unscripted Saturday morning. 10 Eastern on CNN We're digging for the truth on the History Channel. They were among the first to respond, and she was the last to be pulled from the rubble alive. World Trade Center Attack Two years later, how those who survived are dealing with living. Paula Zahn hosts people in the news. CNN Sunday eight Eastern tonight at nine three. ICTY first put this new high tech firefighting helmet to the test tonight. It was used in a real search and rescue, saving a local woman's life. Incredible story Tonight on the KR Owen for news and nine fashion So far gone, it defies definition. Meet America's worst dressed couples. What not to wear. Friday at eight on TLC Tonight, the aluminum Roadster gets finishing touches on American Hot Rod, then get Turbo charged on an all new monster garage. Later, jury completes his Web thing dreamlike on American shopper. It's all right here on Discovery. They call it the heart of darkness. They call it Borneo. This is the arena for the world's greatest expedition race, world class and rookie athletes from around the world testing the limits of human endurance. This'll is Eagle Challenge.