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Sorceress, Long Island, German, mom, sexy, nerd, elf, fairy, computer, opera singer... hope you like my Cartoon/Animation demo! Listen to the end to hear some opera!

Vocal Characteristics




German North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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Caryn Gilfry. Children, Children have a seat were about to begin. Stanley, I thought I told you to wait for me. Don't mind him. He really is a very good guy. With this magic potion I'll be able to take over the bigger years, the better to hear with a bigger brain. The better to think with your help Nunes issue of I guess I have Ah, thing or two I can show you. My coordinates seem to be off. Maybe if you just look at the map. Maybe if I just look at the map Idol guys, I don't think we should go in there. It's kind of dark and scary. Theme is make three wishes and all of your dreams will come true. Ready? I'm so sorry, darling, but we just don't have time today. Mommy has to go to a yoga class of girls lunch meat with her personal trainer, head to the beacon market and good with therapy session. System yourself one. I am on TV on the O