Eugene goes to the Docks

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Showcase two distinct voices of dramatically different ages. Background sounds and music to create atmosphere.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Philip Carlisle, Eugene and longshoremen. Ooh, it's crowded here. Excuse me, Pardon me. That's a lot of Pardon me. Let's just got squeezed. By who? They don't call these the docks for nothing. So much work to pick up a package. Maybe this way. Ah, is that gravy? Nope, that's my Let's see, I've come down here so many times and I never remember. Yes, there slipped 12. But the third, sir, is this slip 12. What's it? So that slipped 12. The last does it. Now I'm illiterate, so I always wondered. But the problem is everything is labeled slipped. 12. It's very confusing professionally, so as to confuse the ball away on the scaly Wag was raiding ships from here to parse the my boy. Why is he doing that? President says he was a three silver populace who, after the panic about 10 93 last everything and then a vow to Murad until the government ends the greatest issue of our day, the bland Alison act. Of course, the fallout from the bland Alison Act is well known. It's vital. Tow our everyday lives at this time in history, 18 96 and people will always be talking about it. It's terrible. But still crime is bad. They shouldn't do crowns. I hope I never hear about this boll weevil again. I hope I do ahead of him. Learn and be a fruit for use of our modern times. Willful ignorance be nothing. I value work too many knickerbockers don't know nothing. I blame Barner, but I don't also he's dead. Exactly what he wants you to think we're going wink. What? Abbas? Now give me your invoice that I may retrieve your cargo. Fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on that. Woodcock, How did you know I had a picnic world? Ah, fish took my mind hood for you. See it? Oh, no, no, no, don't. Please don't finish that sentence. It's a woodcock is it's a bird. And when I said it was on that, there's no good way to in this