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Believable, Conversational, Sincere, Rugged, Gravitas, Warm, Friendly, Young, Middle age, Barry White, Energetic, Husband, Professional, Sensual, Classy, Romantic, Genuine, Down to Earth, Guy Next Door, Matter of Fact, Authentic, Thoughtful

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North American (General)


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Explore the world's wildest terrain in the Toyota forerunner because the best stories begin where the trail map ends. Toyota. Let's go places. It took thousands of years to make the perfect diamond. It took one look to know she was the one Hellberg diamonds splash in the summer with the Nerf Super Soaker twister, water blaster with its two twisting streams of water. This monster means business. This year is my first time organizing the family. So to keep everyone full and happy, I'm going to Publix, Publix where shopping is a pleasure, take time to enjoy a deli chocolate squares. Slowly deli chocolate moments of timeless pleasure. Are you kidding me? You think they call it a bumper because you use it to bump into other drivers. Good thing I'm in good hands with Allstate. I wasn't talking to you. Bumper boy. This is shelter pet who wants to meet you at forever. Paul's Animal Shelter. Our mission is to place these valued animals in loving homes. Help us give them a second chance at love and happiness at life. If we're going to get married, we need to set some ground rules. Ok? Go Charmin only and over the top, just put the seat down to change the world of gaming. You have to break boundaries and force the universe to take notice the X 16 from Alienware. Go beyond what's next?