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This was created to introduce a book to the campus staff. Staff members volunteered to do a book study after hearing this intro.

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Okay No four is parking and transportation. So a little bit about parking. Those of you who are going to drive your car to the campus on exam day, you will not have a penalty for parking in the Uh school parking lot without a sticker on exam days only. So feel free to park in the back parking lot as close to the 500 hallway as you can because that's where you'll want to enter the building. And please remember that if you are, if you have your own car or your own vehicle to please leave your belongings may be locked up in the trunk or somewhere safe where no one can get to those and enter the building only with your keys. Um and calculator. If you have one as far as transportation for people riding the bus or a shuttle, we're still not real sure what the district is going to do about the transportation in those areas. But we should have information by April 30. If you already ride the bus then you will take the same bus and stop that you normally do a reminder for those of you wanting best transportation if you have a 7 30 exam you will be fine, you will arrive by seven o'clock, you'll plenty of time to get to your testing location and you will remain on campus. If you are taking the bus home, you will remain on campus until 2 50. However, if you are needing transportation and you have a 12 o'clock or a two pm exams, start time. You may come to the building in the morning at 7:00, attend your morning classes face to face and then you will need a ride home because your 12 o'clock and your two o'clock exams will not be over before the 2 50 bus leaves the campus. So keep that in mind when you are looking at transportation and needed rides to or from campus. Check your email and your skyward for district updates. As soon as I hear something from the district, I will push that information out to your ap teachers. So again, your ap teachers are the most reliable resources that you have for finding out this information.